Logan County Jail Report

08/19/2016-Alderman, Anthony Wayne-possession of controlled substance 1st offense -drug unspecified

08/18/2016-Alvey , JasonL.-failure to appear-failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st off-oper mtr veh u/influ alc/drugs/etc. .08 – 3rd

08/21/2016-Armstrong, CrystalG.-burglary, 2nd degree

08/18/2016-Baird, Anthony-non payment of fines

08/21/2016-Bell, Khalil J.-resisting arrest

08/21/2016-Biggs, Tiffany N.-operating on sus or rev oper license

08/18/2016-Boggs, Eric Wade-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)

08/23/2016-Burchett, Brandon D.-public intoxication-control sub(excludes alcohol)-burglary, 2nd degree

08/19/2016-Carver, Jerry Wayne-no registration plates-failure to appear

08/22/2016-Chaplinski, Christina J.-speeding 17 mph over limit-poss of open alc beverage cont in motor veh prohibited-failure to produce insurance card-speeding 17 mph over limit

08/18/2016-Cox, Raymond D.-contempt of court libel/slander resistance to order

08/22/2016-Crafton, Patrick N.-parole violation (for technical violation)

08/23/2016-Crossfield, Derick E.-wanton endangerment-2nd degree-assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) Minor injury

08/19/2016-Cruz, Felipe M.-failure to wear seat belts-no operators-moped license-failure to produce insurance card

08/24/2016-Driskill, David Eugene-rape, 1st degree

08/21/2016-Elliot, Eddie S.-forgery, 1st degree-driving dui suspended license – 2nd offense-speeding 16 mph over limit

08/23/2016-Farris, Clint L.-failure to notify adrs change to dept of trans-disorderly conduct, 2nd degree

08/19/2016-Fitzer, Johnathon Chad-possession of controlled subsance 1st degree- heroin

08/19/2016-Forgy, Dillion L.-criminal trespass-1st degree-non payment of fines-assault, 4th degree (minor injury)

08/19/2016-Giles, Casey A.-flagrant non support-bail jumping 1st degree

08/18/2016-Hampton, Harold Milton-in lieu of fines & cost

08/18/2016-Harrison, Gary N.-serving bench warrant for court

08/18/2016-Harrison, Richard E.-burglary, 2nd degree-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess-failure to notify adrs change to dept of trans-serving bench warrant for court-burglary, 2nd degree-obscuring the identity of a machine u/$500

08/24/2016-Holloway, Edward Owen-criminal abuse third degree-child 12 or under-wanton endangerment-2nd degree-assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) Minor injury-terroristic threatening, 3rd degree

08/23/2016-Hughes, Keith Conrad-theft by deception-include cold checks u/$500-non payment of fines

08/18/2016-Kennedy, Derek C.-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

08/19/2016-Kimbler, Michael S.-robbery, 2nd degree

08/19/2016-Kirby, Jarrod W.-TBUT or disp shoplifting u/$500-endangering the welfare of a minor-giving officer false name or address-non payment of fines

08/24/2016-Lambert, David M.-criminal mischief 2nd degree-burglary, 3rd degree

08/23/2016-Marquis, Alta K.-cruelty to animals-2nd degree-failure to appear

08/18/2016-Mccandless, Mark A.-failure to pay fines

08/20/2016-Miner, Rigoberto-sodomy, 1st degree-rape, 1st degree

08/19/2016-Porter, Eric J.-operating on sus or rev oper license-poss of open alc beverage cont in motor veh prohibited-giving officer false name or address-poss of open alc beverage cont in motor veh prohibited-speeding 19 mph over limit

08/19/2016-Ramsey, Brandon Lee-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess-fleeing or evading police, 2nd degree (on foot)-alc intox in a pub place 3rd or > off in 12 months-tampering with physical evidence-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (drug unspecified)

08/21/2016-Regalado, Lisa Lynn-serving bench warrant for court

08/18/2016-Runyan, Zachary Devon-failure to pay fines

08/23/2016-Runyon, Michael Jerry-serving bench warrant for court

08/19/2016-Smith, Dustin Lee-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (heroin)-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)

08/20/2016-Taylor IV, Robert J.-rape 2nd degree-no force-sodomy 2nd degree

08/21/2016-Tennison, Jeffery D.-speeding 13 mph over limit-no operators-moped license-failure to produce insurance card

08/24/2016-Thompson, Michael D.-failure to produce insurance card-driving dui suspended license – 1st off (agg circum)-possessing license when privileges are revoked

08/22/2016-Tino Cunniffe, Brandon B.-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess-serving bench warrant for court-no tail lamps

08/19/2016-Watkins, Sajuan J.-poss of marijuana-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

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