Logan County Jail Report

ADKINS, PORSHIA DIANE-07/24/2016-contempt of court libel/slander resistance to order

ALFORD, ROBERT F.-07/27/2016-speeding 26 mph or > speed limit-reckless driving-oper mtr vehicle u/influ alc/drugs/etc. .08 (agg circum) 1st off

ASBURY, LAURA A.-07/22/2016-conspiracy to traff in controlled sub 1st off-promoting contraband – 1st degree-conspiracy to traff in cont sub, 1st degree, 2nd or > off-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (drug unspecified)-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

BALLARD, PHILLIP W.-07/22/2016-Fraudulent Use Of Credit Cards O/ $100 W/ 6 Mo Period

BRUNSON, HUNTER S.-07/26/2016-prescription cont sub not in proper contain

COLEMAN, JEFFERY D.-07/22/2016-traf in marijuana ( > 5 lbs.) 1st off-traf cont sub 1st deg 1st off

CUNNINGHAM, MATTHEW LEE-07/21/2016-regulations necessary to implement krs 150 purpose-oper boat/watercraft while intoxicated or u/influence, 1st-disorderly conduct, 2nd degree-possessing license when privileges are revoked

CURTIS, DONNY JAMES-07/21/2016-failure to appear

CURTIS, MICHAEL E.-07/22/2016-alcohol intox in a public place (1st & 2nd offense)

DOSS, DANIEL WAYNE-07/22/2016-terroristic threatening-assault, 4th degree (no visible injury)

DOSS, JAMIE LYNN-07/21/2016-tbut or disp shoplifting $500 or more but u/$10,000

EPLEY, BRYAN J.-07/26/2016-serving bench warrant for court-theft by deception-include cold checks u/$10,000

FARMER, DEWAYNE D.-07/26/2016-disorderly conduct, 1st degree-resisting arrest-criminal trespassing-3rd degree

FAWBUSH, MICHAEL A.-07/22/2016-theft by unlawful taking or disposition > 10,000-theft of identity of another w/o consent

GRIMES, PATRICK A.-07/25/2016-failure to appear

HARRIS, SALLY V.-07/21/2016-failure to wear seat belts-failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st off-speeding 10 mph over limit

JONES, JEREMY L.-07/21/2016-failure to appear

JUMP, JOHN D.-07/22/2016-flagrant non support-robbery, 2nd degree-bail jumping 1st degree-possession of firearm by convicted felon

KINDLE, STEVEN L.-07/22/2016-possession of firearm by convicted felon

LANDAVERDE, MARY R.-07/21/2016-non payment of fines

LAWRENCE, EDWARD L.-07/23/2016-alcohol intox in a public place (1st & 2nd offense

MERRIWEATHER, DINICHOLAS R.-07/21/2016-failure to appear

MITCHELL, ANDRE L.-07/22/2016-traf in cont sub 1st offense-traff in cont sub, 1st degree, 1st off – (< 4 gms cocaine)-traff in cont sub, 1st degree, 1st off – (< 2 gms heroin)

PATE, JEFFREY R.-07/27/2016-obstructions/interference with an officer-alcohol intox in a public place (1st & 2nd offense

PITTS, LORI L.-07/25/2016-parole violation (for felony off)

RAMSEY, BRANDON LEE-07/22/2016-obstructing a highway

RICE, WILLIAM MICHAEL-07-23-2016-harassing communications

ROSE, SABRINA M.-07/21/2016-theft by deception-include cold checks u/$500-tbut or disp shoplifting u/$500

SANFORD, DANIEL RYAN-07/21/2016-alcohol intox in a public place (1st & 2nd offense-operating on sus or rev oper license-non payment of fines

SCOTT, JOHNATHAN M.-07-22-2016-burglary, 3rd degree

STAVELY, JERRY D.-07/25/2016-poss of open alc beverage cont in motor veh prohibited-oper mtr vehicle u/influence alc/drugs/etc. .08 – 1st off

TAYLOR, KELLY M.-07/22/2016-poss of marijuana-unauthorized use of motor vehicle-1st offense-operating on sus or rev oper license-non payment of fines

TAYLOR, TREVER LEE-07/27/2016-failure to notify adrs change to dept of trans

THOMAS, RAYMOND AARON-07/22/2016-fleeing or evading police, 2nd degree (on foot)-criminal mischief, 1st degree-tbut or disp all others $500 or more but u/$10,000-serving bench warrant for court

WELLS, STEPHANIE LUCILLE-07-26-2016-operating vehicle with expired operators license

WHEAT, BRANDON LEE-07/21/2016-poss cont sub, 1st degree, 2nd offense (methamphetamine)-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess-public intoxication-control sub(excludes alcohol)-probation violation (for felony offense)

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