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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

People, I can tell you that I am about to have a nervous breakdown. Mother Nature has caused it all. I am sure there are a few other people who live on the lake that is in the same shape! If they don’t live here all the time, they call to see if it is raining and what kind of condition the lake is in that day!

You know I told you about having to move our car from the driveway because the water was rising. Well, when I moved it back, it was covered with PINE GOOP. That GOOP is like clear putty that sticks like glue. When you put your finger on it, your finger sticks and so does everything that blows around or falls from the trees. So our car looks like it is growing hair (pine needles) and leaves! So I start by purchasing a spray can of STUFF that guarantees it will remove anything….you guessed it, it won’t! So you get out a blade and all the “elbow grease” you can come up with and start rubbing.

My poor ducks have had a problem getting over all the high water. Miss Daisy Duck came by the other day, I have not seen her since the rain started. She was sitting in my yard, picking at her feathers. The Hubby says that is normal. That she has got to get her feathers in order. Well, it looked kinda funny to me. I told him I thought she might be having a nervous breakdown like me. He assured me that birds were not made like that, only you do that. Then she disappeared and the Hubby got his field glasses and set out to follow her. He came back all excited when he found where she was nesting. There is a big “downed” tree across the lake and he followed her there. You see he was so worried that he had been up and down the shore line looking for her on previous occasions. So we are hoping that one day she will show up with some “little ones”.

This morning I went outside really early and in my neighbor’s yard was the two “green heads”, Daffy and Donald. Just sitting there looking out at the lake. I usually call them saying “come on babies” and they come running. This morning they didn’t even turn their heads. I called them again and nothing happened. The Hubby came out and I asked if they looked kinda weird. He said, there must be something out there in the lake. I sat and watch them for a long time. Finally they got to their feet and walked down to the water and looked out at the water as if to see if whatever they were afraid of was gone.

They finally came running to see what I had for them to eat. CHEERIOS as always. The Hubby remarked that I must not have too much to do if I sat around looking at ducks all the morning.

Tonight as I was cleaning the pine goop off our car, a fisherman came by and he remarked that he could see the water had finally gone down. Also he was missing some of his fish markers. This is where he caught most of his fish and he mentioned one was near my house. Sorry I replied and I wished him luck as he floated away.

The farmer’s at Wayne’s place were happy to see the rain when it started but now everyone is wondering how in the world they are going to get in the field to pick the corn. I keep telling them that only Mother Nature can do that.

All you people out there please pray for “RAINBOWS”….no more rain, high temperatures and humidity. In other words a MIRACLE for this time of year.

Love to you all. Say a prayer for me while I am NOT enjoying the moment, rubbing pine GOOP off our car. Till next time, Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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