Mullins glad to be back in Logan

By OJ Stapleton -

New Logan County schools superintendent Paul Mullins may not be from Logan County originally, but taking the top position in the district is a lot like coming home for him.

He served as principal at Lewisburg from 2000-2004 and his time there still holds a special place in his heart.

“Our family always enjoyed living here,” Mullins said. “We always liked the small-town feel here in Logan County.”

In addition to doing all the regular duties of a newly hired superintendent the past couple weeks, Mullins has also been hard at work trying to find a new home to buy in Logan County.

But while living in Logan County again was a definite draw, the biggest factor in his decision to take the job was the district itself.

“I wouldn’t have come back if I didn’t think this was a great job and a great district,” Mullins said. “Logan County is known around the sate as a high performing district with high expectations and we are going to make sure that continues.”

The structure of the schools in Logan County is another thing Mullins likes about the job.

“I think there are a lot of advantages to the K-8 buildings,” Mullins said. “There are lots of opportunities for identifying the needs and challenges of the students when they are in the same building for those years.”

And the new Area Technology Center (ATC) that will be built on the campus of Logan County High School was also a big factor in his decision.

“That made the job even more appealing,” Mullins said. “That is going to put us at the forefront of being able to provide excellent college and career readiness training for our students. My hat is off to the board and (former superintendent) Dr. (Kevin) Hub on their forward thinking on this project.”

Since he worked at Lewisburg, Mullins is familiar with the district and said he doesn’t anticipate making any big changes anytime soon.

“I don’t believe in making changes just for the sake of change,” he said.

Mullins said that during his first year, he wants to see how everything is going before making any big changes.

“But I do want to make sure that we are working at an optimal level in everything that we do,” he said.

One of Mullins’ biggest emphasis will be on the culture and climate in the classrooms and schools.

“This is a district that is in great shape in all aspects and we are going to work together to take it even high on behalf of our students,” Mullins said. “We are here to serve the young people of Logan County from preschool through 12th grade. We are going to provide them with a high quality education and continue the tradition of success that this district has been known for.”

Mullins also wants the district’s athletic teams and other clubs and activities such as FFA and ROTC to be as successful as possible.

“All extra curricular and co-curricular activities are important for our students,” Mullins said. “Those kind of things play a vital role in the community and I value that.”

In addition to serving as the principal at Lewisburg, Mullins has 22 years of experience in education. He has also worked as the principal of Larue County High School (2005-2013), principal of Caverna High School (2004-2005), assistant principal and athletic director of Nicholas County High School (1999-2000), teacher in Elizabethtown (1995-2000) and teacher in Hardin County (1994-1995). Before taking the job here, he had worked as the superintendent of Garrard County schools since 2013.

By OJ Stapleton

To reach OJ Stapleton, email or call 270-726-2989.

To reach OJ Stapleton, email or call 270-726-2989.

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