Sheriff to crack down on drag racing in Auburn

By Chris Cooper -

A stretch on Liberty Church Road in Auburn is causing concern for those who live in that area. According to recent complaints received, Fifth District Magistrate Jo Orange is requesting additional signage and patrolling due to drag racing.

Orange brought up the problem at the June 28th fiscal court meeting, asking Sheriff Wallace Whittaker if he could keep an eye out in that area. The magistrate also asked if more speed limit signs could be put up. That responsibility will go to Paul Lyne of the county road department.

This isn’t the first time drag racing has been a problem in Logan County. Sheriff Whittaker said there have been problems in several areas of the county. One in particular was on Lewisburg KY 107. In this incident the culprits were apprehended.

“Drag racing is an ongoing problem, one which has been going on for generations,” said Whittaker. “We try to beef up our patrols when we hear of an area that it may be occurring. I was not aware of the one on Liberty Church Road until Mrs. Orange mentioned it. We will definitely patrol that area more now as we have officers to do it.”

The sheriff said most of the time it is teenagers who are drag racing. They are not thinking about the dangers to themselves or others who may be on the road at the time.

“Number one it is dangerous,” said Whittaker. “Number two, it is a reckless driving offense, which will take six points off of their licence if caught, which will raise their insurance premiums.”

Whittaker added if another vehicle is traveling the road at the same time the drag racing is going on, and the perpetrators are caught, it is an arrestable offense because it jumps to a wanton endangerment 1st degree.

“I recommend to these young people to stop drag racing,” said the sheriff. “You are putting your lives in danger and the lives of others when you do this.”

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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