Concerned Citizens having annual fan and air condition drive

By OJ Stapleton -

There is lots going on at the Logan County/Russellville Concerned Citizens this summer.

In addition to hosting 25 children in a summer camp to help keep them entertained and out of trouble, this is the 11th year, the local nonprofit group is conducting a fan and air condition drive. Volunteers are accepting new and used fans and air conditioners in order to get them out to those in need of them in the community.

“People, churches and individuals have been bringing them to us in the summer for the past few years,” said Dorris Vick of the Concerned Citizens. “Some of the air conditions we get are from where people have them in storage because they have switched to central air so they’re not using them. We are then turning around and giving them to those who cannot afford them, but need them.”

Most of the fans and air conditioners are given to the disabled and the elderly.

“We want to get them to the people that need them most,” Vick said. “Last year we probably got about 40 fans and 12 air conditioners. It’s mostly that many about every year. Usually, we try to give them to people that didn’t get one last year, because we have such a long list of people who need them.”

Vick said that it was a blessing to those who got them and that they always go to those who need them the worst.

“We try to really look after those that are disabled and sick,” Vick said. “The air conditioners, we don’t have a whole lot of them, but the ones that we do get go to the ones that need them the most.”

If you would like to make a donation, just stop by the KP Hall at 428 East 5th Street or call 270- 725-8721.

By OJ Stapleton

To contact OJ Stapleton, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact OJ Stapleton, email or call 270-726-8394.

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