Moody Scholarship recipients announced

By OJ Stapleton -

The Sally Flowers Moody Educational Trust recently announced that from many applicants, seven students have been selected as recipients of full scholarships for tuition as a result of the 2015-16 screening and interview process.

This year’s recipients are Kimberly Proctor, Chandra Vanna, Brianna Wooden, Molly Latham, Dylan Byrum, Ciera Jolhnson and Kenton Howard. All recipients attend or will shortly be attending the University of Kentucky or Western Kentucky University.

The trust was established by the Last Will of the late Sally Flowers Moody to provide for full tuition assistance to applicants that have graduated or will graduate from either Logan County High School or Russellville High School and will attend either the University of Kentucky or Western Kentucky University.

Applicants were judged based on high school grades, ACT scores and personal interviews.

Successful recipients are required to meet continuing standards while attending their respective universities.

Sally Flowers Moody’s generous gift was founded on her belief that education is the key to advancement of society and that in any given situation, funds are best spent locally to empower local students desires of excellence.

Ms. Moody was an avid fan of both the University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky University. She is also remembered for her preservation and commerce in rare, high-quality antiques.

There will be 27 Moody scholars in college for the 2016 fall semester. The Sally Moody Educational Scholarship has given 60 scholarships since it was first established in 2006. Over $1 million in scholarships have been given out to date.

By OJ Stapleton

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