Russellville Donut shop owner stuck by glass, not bullet

By Chris Cooper -

With the recent wrap-up of the grand jury’s investigation of three police officers involved in the shooting death of Joseph R. Harris, new evidence has come to light concerning the collateral damage that occurred at the time of the incident.

It had been reported that Vanna Krang, owner and operator of Russellville Donuts, was struck in the neck by a bullet fired during the altercation between police and the now deceased Harris. After medical treatment received by Mr. Krang, it was found that the shop owner was actually hit by a piece of glass resulting from a bullet hitting the shop window.

“It was unfortunate that anyone was injured during the incident,” said Russellville Police Chief Victor Shifflett. “Through the investigation it was found Mr. Krang was not hit by a projectile as first thought, but instead a piece of glass. The recent facts do not diminish our deepest sorrow for Mr. Krang and his family.”

Krang recovered from his injury and was back to work in his shop soon after the incident occurred.

Russellville Donuts was one of three buildings struck with bullets during the stand-off with Harris and Russellville Police Officers Morris Kisselbaugh, Stephen Meredith and Seth Whittaker. A Logan County grand jury found no wrongdoing in the shooting death of Joseph R. Harris at the hands of three police officers.

The grand jury released a statement after reaching their decision stating, “Upon listening to the testimony of Lt. Adams and viewing all the evidence provided, we find that the officers were acting within their authority. We wish that the situation would have been resolved a different way and that the collateral damage to our community could have been minimized. We commend the officers of our community for doing a difficult job in difficult circumstances.”

Commonwealth Attorney Gail Guiling said that the decision to bring results of the investigation to a grand jury was one that she reached in conjunction with Russellville Police chief Victor Shifflet and the Kentucky State Police (KSP). The KSP is handing the investigation into the incident and have reported the case could be closed by the end of next week.

The shooting occurred on March 15 when Harris pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot around lunch time and shot his former girlfriend, Amanda Harper, 28, of Russellville, who was waiting in the drive-through line in her vehicle.

Harris then fled the scene on foot. Harper left the parking lot in her vehicle and pulled across North Main Street where she then exited the roadway and struck a building.

Harris then walked north on Main Street where he encountered the three officers who had previously been having lunch at Subway when they got the call.

Upon being challenged by police, Harris brandished a firearm towards the officers, according to the KSP. At this point, all three officers fired at Harris and he was struck approximately three times. Harris was pronounced dead at the scene by the Logan County Coroner Mary Givens.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, eamil or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, eamil or call 270-726-8394.

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