Litter abatement picks up 740 bags in April

By Chris Cooper -

Logan County has a thriving litter abatement program responsible for picking up trash on the roads in the community. The program also tries to deters those from littering in the first place by an advertising campaign that reaches the newspaper and radio, as well as the roads themselves with signage placed to remind travelers littering is illegal.

Dwight Cockrill serves as the county’s solid waste coordinator. It is his job to oversee the program, which takes inmates out of the Logan County Detention Center and drives them throughout the week all over the county picking up trash on the side of the roads.

Cockrill releases a monthly pickup report telling how many miles and how many bags of trash were picked up in the county. His recent monthly report was for April showing over 15 roads (48.7 miles) picked up. Some of those roads included: Watermelon, Plainview, Echo Valley, Sportsman Club, Mortimer, Highland Lick, Friendship, Montgomery, Stevenson Mill, Proctor Mill, 68-80 and the Bypass.

The litter abatement crews picked up 740 bags of trash in April. Of that amount, 117 was from a dump on Ferguson Road where items picked up included: appliances, televisions, tires, linoleum flooring and a Christmas tree. The crew picked up 108 bags on the roads of Echo Valley, Friendship, Montgomery and Stevenson Mill alone.

“The litter abatement program is a very beneficial one,” said Cockrill. “It gets frustrating at times I must admit, when a crew goes out and cleans up a road only to return a week later and it’s covered in litter again. We try to advertise asking people not to throw their trash out the window, but there are some who don’t listen. We just have to keep at it in hopes that someday the littering of our community and environment will cease.”

The litter abatement program is funded though the state of Kentucky.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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