Summer Camp offered by Concerned Citizens

By Chris Cooper -

Summertime is a glorious and wonderful time for children. Many memories are made during summertime, filled with friends and adventures that last a lifetime. The Concerned Citizens of Logan County want to help your child make those memories, and therefore are hosting a summer camp program beginning Monday, June 6. The program is open and free to all children ages 6-18. It’s first come first serve, however, so don’t hesitate.

This is the second year for the camp, which only takes 25 kids. It was very successful last year, so much so, organizers have been hitting the streets for donations which fund the program.

Archie Beck, who serves as the camp director, said he wishes they could take more kids in the camp, however, it all comes down to funding.

“We can only take 25 right now, but we hope to take more in the future as financial support becomes more active,” said Beck.

The camp will feature different activities throughout the summer. Every day will begin with a 30 minute tutoring in math and reading. Then the fund starts.

“We want to keep the kids involved and active in education,” said Beck. “We don’t want them to get stale in the summer, making it harder to start school in the fall.”

Each day a lunch will be served and afterwards there are many activities planned. From trips to the library and the police and fire stations, to kicking back and watching a movie and eating popcorn… kids will stay busy. Also planned are trips to the Carpenter Fitness & Aquatics Center where kids can enjoy swimming.

“We are hopefully going to be providing swimming lessons as well,” said Beck. “Thanks to the City of Russellville, we are able to go to the Carpenter Center for free.”

Cooking classes is also on the calendar. Beck said kids will learn how to cook the basic hot dog or make themselves a sandwich.

“There will be a bunch of stuff going on,” said Beck, adding at the end of the summer, thanks to a donation from Ski-Daddy’s, the kids will be able to take a big trip. Last year the summer camp went to Beech Bend.

Beck said this is a really great program. There are kids out there in the community that don’t get a chance to go anywhere in the summer or do anything. Because of this, the Concerned Citizens wanted to start a camp to provide that for those kids. “Plus it also gives parents that needed break,” said Beck.

Applications for the camp can be picked up at the Concerned Citizens at the KP Hall located on East 5th Street in Russellville. The application must be completed and turned in no later than June 1 at 2 p.m. No exceptions on the deadline date. For more information, you can contact Beck at 270-725-8721 or 270-893-8669.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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