Police chase ends, children in vehicle

Staff report

On May 19, 2016, at approximately 7:10 p.m. The Logan County Sheriffs Office and Russellville Police Dept. were notified bv Deputy B.J. Grayson of the Todd County Sheriff’s Office that he was in pursuit of a black Crown Victoria on U.S. 68-80 West and had just entered Logan County.

The pursuit continued into the city limits of Russellville as the suspect turned eastbound onto the By-Pass.

The pursuit was then taken over by Captain David Kitchens of The Logan County Sheriffs Office. The pursuit continued for several minutes inside the city limits where the suspect vehicle left roadway on at least five separate occasions resulting near crashes.

The suspect continued to flee into Russellville where he was eventually apprehended on East First Street.

The suspect was later identified as Blayne M. Terry of Russellville. The passenger was identified as Chelsey Terry who was detained and later released. It wasn’t until vehicle was stopped and driver was taken into custody, that officers discovered that three children, ages 3 and under, were in back seat of the vehicle.

Mr. Terry was taken info custody and transported back to Todd County where he faces numerous felony charges related to the pursuit.

DCBS was called to the scene and later released the children to the custody of their grandfather pending an investigation.

Mr. Terry will also face numerous Felony and Misdemeanor charges for the crimes that took place inside Logan County.

Captain David Kitchens is the investigating officer.

Deputy Grayson and Captain Kitchens were assisted by K-9 deputy Robert Toombs, KY State Police Trooper Joe Gregory, deputy Kvler Harvey, Todd County Sheriff Tracy White, Logan County Sheriff Wallace Whittaker and officers of the Russellville Police Department.

Staff report

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