L’burg request passed on by fiscal court

By Chris Cooper - ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com

A request from the City of Lewisburg to allow its chief of police, Alan Alsup, to have lights and a siren placed on his personal vehicle, landed on deaf ears last week at a Logan County Fiscal Court meeting. Members of the court chose not to act on the request.

“I’m not in favor of this at all. I would never support it. They are not putting me in the middle,” said Sixth District Magistrate Thomas Bouldin before the issue left the table.

Third District Magistrate Barry Joe Wright said he can remember when requests similar to this have come before the court and were denied.

A few years back some of the county’s Constables came to the fiscal court asking to allow the same on their vehicles.

County Attorney Joe Ross said legally the City of Lewisburg could pass an ordinance that would allow Alsup to use lights and siren on his personal vehicle, but that it wouldn’t be upheld in the county.

Lewisburg Mayor Bert Adler said that is exactly what his council did. The Lewisburg City Council passed an ordinance recently allowing their chief to outfit his personal vehicle with lights and a siren.

“We did this because during the past few winters Alan has used his personal vehicle because his cruiser is not four-wheel drive,” said the mayor, who said he is not concerned about misuse. “This shows chief Alsup’s concern for the citizens of Lewisburg. Alan mainly wanted this to help pick up elderly people when it snows who can’t get out to the store or other places they needed to go.”

Adler said he and the council wanted the county to give its approval because sometimes Alsup has to travel into the county to help.

The city paid for most of the outfitting of the lights and a siren on Alsup’s personal vehicle, with Alsup paying for part of it himself, said Adler.

By Chris Cooper


To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

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