County looking at employee pay

Sheriff, jail, dispatch having trouble hiring

By Chris Cooper -

Once again Sheriff Wallace Whittaker mentioned at a fiscal court meeting he felt pay was a problem retaining and hiring deputies.

“I think it wo, uld be good for the county to look at area agencies and see what they are paying their deputies,” said Whittaker at last week’s court meeting. “I am still having trouble keeping deputies and finding new ones.”

Whittaker did say he had one new employee currently in training and one going through the employment process.

A committee that was assigned to look into the county’s payscale has been meeting for sometime now. Magistrates Jack Crossley, Jo Orange and Drexel Johnson have meet numerous times to look at employees pay.

“I turned it over to the committee who has looked at the wages and we are waiting for their report,” said Judge Executive Logan Chick. “I think we are being fair and good to our employees. We have far better insurance then other counties in our area. They may be a little higher in pay, but if they have to spend more on insurance it’s still coming out of their pocket.”

Magistrate Orange said the committee had looked at all of the county’s pay in particular the starting pay in each department. The committee plans on making a recommendation at the next scheduled fiscal court meeting.

“Back a few months ago the jailer brought it to our attention that he was having trouble hiring employees due to low wages. Also, Ginger Lawrence (from the Emergency Communications Center) had brought it up as well. At that time we never heard anything from Wallace about the sheriff’s department having trouble,” said Orange.

Orange believes, however, what the committee came up with will help the sheriff’s department as well.

“Our recommendation will give all employees a pay raise. It will affect the lower end more, those coming into employment with the county. We feel what we came up with is very reasonable,” Orange said.

Sheriff, jail, dispatch having trouble hiring

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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