Litter Abatement program responsible for 677 bags picked up in March

By Chris Cooper -

Logan County’s Litter Abatement program is funded through a state grant each year to help pick up trash on the roads in Logan County. A deputy is paid through the grant and a van hauling inmates from the county’s detention center head out each day the weather permits to pick up litter. The grant also helps pay for non-profit, civic and school groups to pick up trash on the roads as well.

In the month of March 2016 the Litter Abatement program was responsible for picking up 677 bags of trash in 38.9 miles of roadway in Logan County. Also picked up were 11 tires and items such as sheet metal, aluminum siding, pipes, a sewing machine, a sign stand, car parts and a basketball goal.

Some of the roads picked up in March included: 68-80 East, Morgantown Road, the 68 Bypass, Highland Lick Road, Woodland Road, Armstrong Street, old 431 North, Echo Valley Road, Dennis Corinth Road, Terry Wilcutt Highway, Cates Bypass and Newtown Road.

“This program is very beneficial to Logan County,” said Dwight Cockrill, Logan County’s Solid Waste Coordinator. “We are thankful we are able to receive these funds.”

Cockrill applies for and receives the grant every year. He keeps track of what he spends and how he spends it. A loot of paperwork goes into the grant application, but Cockrill feels it is worth all the work.

Also purchased with the grant are signs that remind motorists not to litter. Even though money is earmarked each year to pick up litter on the side of Kentucky’s roadways, it’s taxpayers money none the less. If you are driving along and think that the trash you through from your window will just be picked up by an inmate, think again, because you are paying for them to do it.

“We need to keep our environment clean,” said Cockrill. “We need to educate the children that littering is not a good thing to do. Just take it home and throw it away.”

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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