Baby Bottle Campaign kicks off Mother’s Day

By Chris Cooper -

Collect change and help save lives.

News of Logan County’s new Life Choice Pregnancy Center is spreading, and numerous churches and their congregations are stepping up to help an intuitive that can literally save lives.

The pregnancy center is in its early stages and organizing efforts to fund it are under way. A building has already been designated at 152 N. Blakey Street in Russellville, thanks to an anonymous donor and a board and steering committee set. What is needed now is support from the community to help launch the center and open the doors to help those who need it the most.

The very first fundraising event and kick-off for the center is the Baby Bottle Campaign. The Baby Bottle Campaign will begin to provide the dollars needed for things like furnishing the pregnancy center rooms and office, hire a director, pay monthly utility bills, purchase educational material for clients, etc. It is the hopes of those involved this will be a continued flow of funding for the center, and all it takes is collecting your change and turning it in.

This is a great opportunity for church congregations to help, as well as individuals who want to be a part but don’t know how.

“It’s a great opportunity for churches and their congregations to impact our community regarding sanctity of life, families, and the abortion crisis that affects all of our nation,” said Barry Raley, pastor at Friendship Baptist Church in Auburn and board chairman of Logan County’s Life Choice Pregnancy Care Center.

Life Choice has a vision to see a world where all are extended the love and grace of Jesus Christ and are empowered to value and choose life especially when facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. By being Christ centered and Gospel focused, Life Choice can save lives (physically and spiritually) and provide help and hope for women, men, and the unborn in our communities.

If you want to be a part of the Baby Bottle Campaign kick off it’s easy, all you have to do is get a baby bottle bank- you can either order directly from Heritage House 76 Baby Bottles, or contact Raley at 270-799-6800 for direction on how to get one. The Life Choice Pregnancy Center has purchased 1,000 bottle banks already. You can either fill them with change, cash, currency or even checks.

The idea is to collect initially from Mother’s Day on May 8 until Father’s Day on June 19 to see how it will work. After, if successful, participants can keep filling the bottles throughout the year, using them as often as they like for future funding of Life Choice.

After the collection between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, those who participate can call 270-799-6800 and someone from the center will come by your church for collection or you can send a check in the amount you have collected to Life Choice Inc. PO Box 850, Russellville, KY 42276.

“Not only are churches being united through this effort, we are coming together to help one another. We know God will provide and this is an opportunity to help. We are seeing different denominations coming together to support women and their babies. Through this center lives will be saved and changed. The hurt will be comforted and the gospel will be spread,” said Shelby Baldwin, an organizer of Life Choice Pregnancy Center.

For more information, please call 270-799-6800, or e-mail

Collect change and help save lives. change and help save lives.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper email at or call 270-725-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper email at or call 270-725-8394.

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