Kelly Minter to speak at Women’s Conference at Crossroads May 4

God’s bringing His people as one

By Chris Cooper -

Kelly Minter

It isn’t always easy to cross over boundaries and come together. For many, staying inside your comfort zone seems safe and less intrusive then getting out and melting with others for a common good. Christianity sometimes suffers from this unfortunate division. What’s exciting, however, is that Jesus Christ will break down those walls if we let Him, and bring out all those who believe in Him to show the world His love, commitment and grace.

A special young woman is going to be coming to Logan County very soon for a very special Mother’s Day Women’s Conference. With her she will become a catalyst for a birthing in our community. Christians will be coming together of all denominations as the Body of Christ on Wednesday, May 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Crossroads Church.

Kelly Minter is a Christian worship leader, author, speaker, songwriter, and musician. She is passionate about women discovering Jesus Christ through the pages of scripture. Kelly writes extensively and speaks and leads worship at women’s conferences, retreats and events all over the United States.

The daughter of a pastor, Minter grew up in Northern Virginia. She had a thriving career as a recording artist with her major-label debut, Good Day. She has recorded several albums including Hymns & Hallelujahs, Finer Day, Wrestling the Angels and Good Day. Her 2003 album “Wrestling with Angels” included the song “This Is My Offering,” which climbed to number one on the charts.

Minter’s life in Jesus lead her to begin leading worship, speaking at various events and becoming a writer. She has written numerous books including “What Love Is,” “Wherever the River Runs,” “Nehemiah: A Heart that can Break,” “The Fitting Room,” “Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy,” and many more.

But like us all, Minter has had her struggles. She shares them in her conferences. She shares the love of Jesus Christ and how He changed her life.

Minter tells how the Word of God became her balm. She tells of her love for the Bible and how her personal relationship with Jesus Christ saved her and how a relationship with Him is waiting for you.

Crossroads pastor Chris Cowen and his wife Laurel both feel very strongly about this event. They feel God is working and moving in Logan County in so many ways. He is bringing a unification of all believers to go out into the community and become mentors to the hurting.

“We cannot stay within our walls any longer,” said Laurel. “We must go out and help each other, love each other and tell others about the love that Jesus has for us all.”

Since booking Minter to speak at Crossroads, God has shown Himself by involving two recent spiritual movements in Logan County. The new Life Choice Pregnancy Center and the new Center of the Mark Youth Center, both located right beside the other on Third Street in Russellville, will be joining the Crossroads event to be held May 4. Both will be there to supply information about their missions and answer questions about opening, volunteering and support. Although each mission was born through completely different connections, it is not a coincidence that placed them side-by-side.

“It is all about connecting with people,” said Chris Cowen. “God has aligned these things for us. It’s a rally cry that we all work together. If the team works, the dream works.”

The Cowens’ believe we must all go out to met those where they are at. Not wait until they walk through the front doors of our churches. We need to get out in the community and become mentors to the youth, listeners to the hurt and be compassionate and loving to one another. We must show God’s love through loving one another.

Will Sandlin, of Center of the Mark Youth Center, said he is extremely excited to be a part of the conference in May.

“We are excited about all the things God is doing in our community. We are all coming together and God is showing us we are on the right tract,” said Sandlin.

Pastor Barry Raley of New Friendship Baptist Church, one of the organizers of the pregnancy center, said God has put these things in motion. He is excited to see what is going to happen when we as believers begin to work together.

Laurel Cowen asks the community to be in prayer. Prayer for each other and prayer for breaking those boundaries that keep us apart.

“We need to pray for a major break through of light in our community. The light of Christ that will break through the darkness,” said Laurel adding, one that will shine upon us as one body of Christ.

Everyone is invited to the Women’s Conference May 4. This is a non-denominational event for all those who wish to rejoice and come together. Tickets are $5 for the event. You can reserve tickets ahead of time by calling 270-726-1400. or you can just show up at the event. The money generated will cover the costs of Minter’s travels. Crossroads is located at 145 Crossroads Way, Russellville, Ky. 42276.

Kelly Minter Minter
God’s bringing His people as one

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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