Students make a difference in awareness of child abuse

By Chris Cooper -

Macy Parker

Macy Parker, a seventh grader and member of the STLP program at Auburn Elementary, wrote a letter to the principals at Logan County High School, as well as Dr. Barry Goley at the superintendent’s office. Macy’s STLP group chose to bring about the topic of Child Abuse Awareness so that more people can be aware. In the letter Macy and her group asked to have a day set aside to remember the abused children, and they listened setting that day as April 13th.

The STLP program have asked everyone to wear blue to support the cause on this day set aside for others who suffer from abuse.

“My child is very passionate about this subject and wants to help in every way to make this topic more recognized,” said Amanda Mahler, Macy’s mom. “She started with a plan to have Auburn school only participate, and with this one little letter, managed to get the whole Logan County School District to participate by wearing blue on April 13th.”

Macy’s letter was written on March 3 and follows:

I am a student of the STLP group, and BETA club at Auburn School, and my group and I have all decided to talk about and spread awareness of child abuse. As we all know, child abuse is a terrible thing, and I don’t think that the topic is recognized as much as it should be.

At Auburn School, my specific group and I have arranged for April 13th to be Child Abuse Prevention/Awareness Day, since there is not a specific date for child abuse prevention. We chose April, because that is the world-wide month for child abuse prevention, and we did the 13th, because that is the Wednesday we first come back and that is the middle of the week, so we are guaranteed to get the school to wear blue.

I would like to get as many people as possible to participate in this event, so I have gotten the secretary to announce to the entire school to wear blue on the given date, but I went around and asked all of the 6th-8th grade teachers to give an extra credit point on a homework grade if the students wore blue, just to know that the majority of the school would participate, and all of them agreed!

As I said before I am wanting this project to go as far possible, and I was wondering if you would have your school wear blue on April 13th, you don’t have to go as far as giving an extra credit point, but just let it be known that, this for child abuse prevention and it’s for a good cause.

We all hope that you can allow this to happen at your school, it would be truly amazing if you did, and we would all greatly appreciate it.


Macy Parker

STLP group members:

Ashtyn Cole, Hope Cassetty, Hayley Dotson, and Macy Parker

Macy is the daughte of Amanda and Chris Mahler and Jackie and Stephanie Parker, Jr.

Macy Parker Parker

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper email or call 270-726-8394.

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