School shooting threat at LCHS

Out of district student no longer welcome

By OJ Stapleton -

Friday at Logan County High School was anything but routine as both school administration and law enforcement were called out to the school after a student allegedly threatened to come to the school with a gun.

The incident began on Thursday night when the threat was supposedly made.

“Late (Thursday) night there was a report that one of the students at the high school was planning to bring a gun to school and use it in a shooting,” said Logan County schools superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub. “Law enforcement investigated and did not feel like it was a credible threat.”

Despite law enforcement finding that the treat was not credible, the story of the potential school shooting quickly spread through social media.

“Social media is advantageous and disadvantageous when it comes to communication,” Hub said.

Several high school students stayed home on Friday and many others were checked out early when their parents got word of the potential threat.

“I am confident that attendance will not be as high today as it normally is,” Hub said on Friday. “I personally witnessed several parents checking their students out while I was there at the high school.”

Hub added that he understood the parents’ decisions when checking their children out.

“I’m a parent myself and I don’t begrudge any parent who feels like the best decision was for their child not to be at school,” Hub said.

Hub and principal Caycee Spears met with both the student and his mother on campus Friday morning. The child was then told that he was no longer welcome as a student at Logan County High School.

The student was attending LCHS as an out-of-district pupil from Todd County. Logan County schools can allow any out-of-district students they wish to attend school in the district, but they also have the right to disallow them from going to school there at any time.

“I personally escorted them from the school and the child is no longer a student at Logan County High School,” Hub said.

Friday concluded with every student at Logan County High School remaining just as safe as on any other day, but threats such as that one are always treated seriously.

“Every single threat is taken as serious as we can,” Hub said.
Out of district student no longer welcome

By OJ Stapleton

To contact OJ Stapleton, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact OJ Stapleton, email or call 270-726-8394.

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