R’ville Police release 2016 strategic plan

By Chris Cooper - ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com

Continuing success into 2016, the Russellville Police Department releases their strategic plan.

The Russellville Police Department recently released its 2015 annual report and its 2016 strategic plan. The report was published in the Friday, Feb. 19th News-Democrat & Leader listing numerous accomplishments and the growth of the department.

In 2015 the Russellville Police Department was able to accomplish numerous goals, some of those include continuing to update the fleet with the purchase of seven new vehicles (four 2015 Ford Police Interceptors and three 2015 Ford SUV’s); continue to maintain and update Body Worn Cameras; purchased 10 new Axon Body cameras; keeping pace with technology; purchased three new office computers; purchased two new Dell Tablets (Mobile Data Computers); purchased 10 new keyboards for the tablets; purchased 10 new printers for the cruisers; purchased two new duty weapons, and purchased new mobile and portable radios.

New Programs to enhance safety and understanding were accomplished including the “FastPath” in all city schools; Teen Police Academy; Internet Safety and Anti-Cyber Bulling, and continuing to maintain and update equipment.

“I present to you the Russellville Police Department’s 2015 Annual Report and 2016 Strategic Plan,” said Russellville Police Chief Victor Shifflett. “The past 12 months many things have gone on in our country that has put the “spotlight” on police and a lot of it has been negative. Fortunately for us in Russellville we have avoided the negativity and have continued to be supported by our community, and as the chief of police I want to personally thank each and every one of you for the support. And as a way to show my appreciation, I want us, as a department, to continue to protect and serve you in the most courteous and professional manner possible.

“This annual report and the strategic plan that follows provides you with a look at some of the activities in our department and outlines the vision for the Russellville Police Department. I want to also take this opportunity to thank the men and women of the Russellville Police Department. Their dedication and sacrifices to the profession, the city of Russellville and its citizens. They do not go unrecognized and not enough can be said for them and the effort they put in daily, Thank you!”

The goals for 2016 are as follows:

Enhance crime prevention initiatives by conducting seminars for public awareness on issues that affect the community such as drugs, types of crimes and personal safety/internet safety.

Enhance enforcement initiatives such as conducting directed patrols in high crash areas, high crime areas, high call areas and neighborhoods and high drug traffic areas.

Leadership development by establishing expectations for leadership and develop skills needed through training in APS and CJED. Hold leaders accountable and recognize excellence in performance, and hold leadership training through advanced management courses.

Employment development by offering career counseling and assessment that defines a career path; review promotional requirements and revise as needed, and review and revise the hiring process to ensure the best possible candidates are hired.

Departmental development by yearly revisions of the department policy and procedure manual and maintain standards of accreditation through the KACP.

Strengthen Intra-Governmental Relations through educating employees as tot he process of city council and as to the budget process by involving them in the creation of a balanced budget.

Strengthen Internal and External Communications by developing orientation packages for all new employees; increasing use of social media as a means to communicate with the citizens and continue to use traditional means of communication.

Advanced Integration, communications, support and infrastructure through continuing to update mobile data; continuing to maintain and update Body-Warn Cameras, and continue to improve radio communications.

Continuing success into 2016, the Russellville Police Department releases their strategic plan.
http://newsdemocratleader.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/web1_RUSSELLVILLEPOLICE-1.jpgContinuing success into 2016, the Russellville Police Department releases their strategic plan.

By Chris Cooper


To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

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