Logan county farmers in Kentucky agriculture leadership positions

Henry Duncan - Owner/manager of the Duncan family tree farm

Logan County is known for its productive farm land and bountiful crop production. But not to be overlooked are the leadership roles to which Logan County Farmers have been elevated. They are assuming state wide leadership positions toward policy making, promotion and support of the primary agriculture commodities produced across the Commonwealth:

Logan county farmers currently in leadership positions in Kentucky:

Gary Woodall, Woodall Angus Farm, Quality community, is the outgoing President and board member of the Kentucky Cattleman’s Association. Gary is leader of the organization representing the largest cattle producing state east of the Mississippi River. Kentucky is home to over 1.1 million beef cows and ranks 5th nationally in total number of farms. The Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association, a grassroots organization with 99 chapters in 120 counties, works to protect, advance and be a strong voice for the state’s 38,000 + cattle producers.

KCA’s mission is to provide a strong, proactive voice for all of Kentucky’s Beef Farm Families, serve as a resource for information and education for producers, consumers and the industry and be a catalyst for enhancing producer profitability.

Russell Poore, Poore’s Nursery & Farms of the Chandlers Community, is a Ky Farm Bureau Director and chairman of the Horticulture Committee where he leads the committee in horticulture policy matters..This committee is also responsible for Ky Farm Bureau’s Certified Roadside Farm Markets.

Ky Farm Bureau is a voluntary organization of farm families and their allies dedicated to serving as the voice of agriculture by identifying problems, developing solutions and taking actions which will improve net farm income, achieve better economic opportunities and enhance the quality of life for all.

Jimmy Simmons, Corinth community , is chairman of the board of the Hopkinsville Elevator Company

Hopkinsville Elevator has been serving the farmers of Western Kentucky for over 46 years.

In 1968, a small group of farmers developed plans for the forming of Hopkinsville Elevator as a cooperative. From the elevator’s inception, we have strived to provide the services that the members require for the efficient operation of their business

Jimmy Simmons heads an organization that has grown in membership to over 2300 patrons in 34 surrounding counties. The elevator system has a combined storage capacity of over 13,000,000 bushels with additional locations at South Union, Russellville, Casky and Guthrie in Kentucky and a barge loading facility at Clarksville, Tennessee. The elevator has merged its farm supply business consisting of a fertilizer, chemical and seed department into a joint venture with Agri-Chem Inc., a similar locally owned company. Our largest addition came on line in 2004 with the addition of Commonwealth Agri-Energy, our 30,000,000 gallon/year ethanol plant. Furthermore, the cooperative recently formed HEC Crop Insurance which also adds to the full service nature of the cooperative.

Lee Robey, Robey Dairy Farms of Schochoh Community, one of the largest dairy farms in Kentucky. The farm has has been awarded the Kentucky Dairy Production Award,The Dairy Organization honors the best of the best in Kentucky’s outstanding dairy industry, Robey farms—headed by Lee, Denise and Jane Robey—took top prize in the Kentucky Dairy Production Award – All Herds competition for four consecutive years. They achieved a rolling herd average (the average weight of milk a herd produces in one year) of more than 27,000 pounds. The Proficient Dairy Producer Award also went to the Robey family, which includes Lee and Denise’s sons Chris, Adam and Eli. The Proficient Dairy Producer Award is given on the basis of several factors as recorded by the Dairy Herd Improvement Association.

Robey Farms was established in 1898, when there were more than 50 dairies in south-central Kentucky. Now fewer than five dairy farms remain in the area. As Robey Farms has grown over the years, it has bought about 86 other local farms. Today the Robeys farm 10,000 acres; they own about half of that land. Tour groups from throughout the country visit this farm annually.

Dom Halcomb, Schochoh community, is chairman of the small grain promotion council of the Kentucky Small Grain Growers’ Association. KySGGA is a trade organization that helps small grain (wheat, barley, rye, oats, sorghum, etc.)farmers in Kentucky improve their profitability. KySGGA works in four areas: ​Research, Market Development, Grower Education, and Consumer Promotion. A current project is to develop an agriculture grain center of excellence for research an education at Princeton Ky.

The KySGGA also works on the national level as a member of the National Association of Wheat Growers,which lobbies in Washington D.C. and provides general wheat programs and information.

Henry Duncan, owner/ manager of the Duncan family tree farm on Proctor Mill Road, is a KWOA board member and former president of the Ky Woodland Owners Association. KWOA’s primary goal is to help Kentucky forest landowners attain the best long-range dollar return from their forestry operation. At the same time the object is to maintain a healthy, beautiful forest.KWOA’s program emphasis is on forest health, economy and outreach. More than half of Kentucky is forested and 78% of that forest land is owned by 467,000 private woodland owners.


Henry Duncan

Owner/manager of the Duncan family tree farm

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