RHS getting students to commit to graduate

By OJ Stapleton - ostapleton@newsdemocratleader.com

Russellville High School is kicking off a new program this week to help get its students excited about finishing school and earning a degree.

The program is dubbed the Commitment to Graduate (C2G) Initiative.

“Our school vision is that all of our students graduate college and/or career ready and we strive to ensure that all of our decisions and actions reflect this goal/vision for our students,” said RHS principal Kim McDaniel. “We are starting off 2016 with this very idea driving a jam-packed first week back with our C2G kickoff. C2G simply stands for Commit to Graduate and we have a variety of activities planned for our high school students that will culminate in asking our students to make a verbal and signed commitment to graduating.”

The program started on Monday with the school’s freshman and is scheduled to conclude on Thursday with the seniors. This year’s seniors will be asked to sign a “white” graduation robe as part of the renewed commitment to graduate. They will then vote on the faculty member upon which they want to bestow the honor of wearing during this year’s graduation ceremony.

The Russellville High School C2G (Commitment to Graduate) Initiative is a purposeful, focused effort to provide meaningful moments and support for students centered on graduating high school prepared and ready for their future. The goals of the C2G Initiative include:

· Lower dropout rates

· Encourage a sense of pride for self and school

· Open the door to your student’s future

· Create a support system

· Engage communities and business partners

· Strategize to increase parent involvement in schools

· Embrace and develop traditions with celebrations of commitment

· Framework for each grade level

“These grade level meetings are part of the framework for each grade level, 9-12,” McDaniel said. “The focus of these meetings is on the importance of high school graduation and that the effort is worth it!”

Monday’s program for freshmen was themed, “Commit to Graduate.” On Tuesday sophomores are given “The ‘Key’ to my success.” On Wednesday, the junior class will have the theme “The Tassel is Worth the Hassle.” And on Thursday, the seniors will experience “We Got Your Back.”

“An integral part of your student becoming college and/or career ready is tied directly to his or her success on the ACT assessment, which is given to all Kentucky students during their junior year of high school,” McDaniel said. “If we had to identify one aspect of a student’s high school career that most directly impacts his or her academic or career success beyond high school, meeting the established benchmarks on the ACT assessment is definitely a major component of this process. We are working to ensure that we help prepare our students be as successful on this assessment as we can and have specific activities in place for working with our junior students very intensely during the next several weeks to help them be as prepared as they can be prior to the March assessment date. We are also working on some possible Saturday ACT “boot camps” in which your child can participate prior to March 1st.”

For ninth and 10th grade students, the school has planned to set up a “mock” ACT session for each respective group this week so that these students have an idea of where they stand with respect to each of the four testing sessions. From there, they will begin focusing on specific areas of improvement and plans to assist students with their specific needs.

“We are also in the planning stages for a parent advisory evening to be hosted very soon that will showcase and highlight a great deal of what we are doing to help your child becoming college and career ready,” McDaniel said. “We will also have breakout sessions during this event that will provide you with specific information and details on how you can help support our vision, as well. We look forward to having you on our campus for this important parent/teacher/school event.”


By OJ Stapleton


To contact OJ Stapleton, email ostapleton@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

To contact OJ Stapleton, email ostapleton@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

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