Financial assistance and education are available at Logan County Good Samaritan

In this, the third and last article of this series explaining what services are offered at Logan County Good Samaritan, we will discuss financial assistance and education available. Through the generous support of Logan Countians and funding from the United Way of Southern Kentucky, LCGS has been able to provide almost $60,000 in financial assistance during times of crisis to over 500 households yearly for the last 2 years. In an effort to help prevent these crises from occurring, the Moving Beyond Check to Check program was implemented in 2015. The program begins with attendance of a workshop followed by private meetings as needed with participants. Financial Assistance is for emergency needs only. Emergency situations are determined by uncontrolled circumstances that occurred during the past month or so. These may include loss of job, illness, theft, fire, water leaks, and natural disasters. The Director may require proof of circumstance before providing assistance. Resources are limited and the needs of this community are so great that LCGS may only be able to assist financially once, maybe twice, per household each year. Clients are encouraged to use this service wisely. All financial assistance is done through vouchers. No money or checks are ever given to clients. Financial assistance is available for utilities, rent, deposits and prescriptions in crisis situations.

LCGS works closely with other agencies and organizations to prevent duplication of services. During the time when Community Action is administering the Low-Income Heating Assistance program, all heating bills are referred to that agency. This allows LCGS to use the funding it has to meet the needs of those who may be just over the income limit for assistance with Community Action. It also allows LCGS to save their funding for when clients have used all their available assistance through Community Action but who still have high heating bills.

Through the Moving Beyond Check to Check program, LCGS has begun the process of helping clients change their circumstances instead of assisting in crisis situations only. The goal is to provide the knowledge and experience to prevent a crisis from happening in the first place or at least to allow the client to handle the crisis on their own. With that in mind, LCGS has begun requiring some clients to attend the workshop with follow up private meetings to better assist them. Persons wishing to attend the workshop do not have to be current LCGS clients. It is open to the general public.

Moving Beyond workshops will be scheduled in the Spring and Fall. Clients learn how to develop and use a plan for tracking their income and expenses, prioritize and distinguish between their needs and wants, gain conservation tips and ideas to lower monthly expenses and/or increase income. The workshop is a class where we discuss various issues and give suggestions for improvements. The class is about an hour long and it is recommended that all adults in the household attend. A private meeting may then set up for each client to come back and privately discuss their situation. Several gifts designed to help clients organize are handed out during the class to encourage participation both during and after the workshop.

Everything that is done through LCGS is funded through donations. Without the support of the Churches and citizens of Logan County, LCGS would not exist. All donations are needed and appreciated! Donations are also tax deductible. Donations may be dropped off during office hours (Mon-Thur 9-2) or can be mailed to PO Box 1602, Russellville KY 42276.

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