What Logan County Good Samaritan is and does

During December, we would like to educate the community at large on what Logan County Good Samaritan is and does. This is the first of three articles we will be releasing this month. We are an incorporated, 501c3 nonprofit , started in 1996, to serve the needs of those in our county. We are NOT a government agency. We do partner with the USDA for food and the IRS for taxes in order to provide services for our clients. Our stated mission is:

Logan County Good Samaritan, Inc. is a Christian benevolent organization funded by participating churches in our area, private donations, and United Way. We strive to provide, upon proper evaluation, assistance of food, emergency housing, emergency transportation, or household necessities for residents of Logan County. We assist clients in locating the proper local and state agencies to meet their needs.

This article will focus on the food programs available through LCGS. We distribute 2 types of food, donated and government provided. We have 2 programs available under each type of food. Each program requires different documentation and verifications. The government provided foods have strict income guidelines which have been included with this article. Income for everyone who lives at that address is counted and is before any deductions come out. Donated foods allow for more flexibility. The easiest way to apply for all programs at once is to bring proof of income and food stamps for everyone living in the house and a current utility bill. This allows us to determine eligibility for a variety of programs from us and other agencies.

Government provided foods are distributed on certain days each month (calendar provided to those who qualify) and include the following programs:

1. TEFAP (Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program) – This is what the older generation called “commodities”. We refer to it as the USDA program. The food is provided by the Federal Government and we distribute it based on their guidelines. The amount we receive is based on what we distributed the last month. Whatever is available at the warehouse when we order is what we receive. We pay a delivery fee to receive this food.

2. CSFP (Commodities Supplemental Food Program) – This is what we refer to as the SENIOR BOX program. The food comes pre-packaged and is also provided by the Federal Government and we distribute it based on their guidelines. We have a limited number of boxes available each month. We maintain both a Master and Waiting List for this program. This is the most coveted and has the strictest requirements of any of our programs.

Donated foods are provided by churches, organizations, private donors and purchases made through Feeding America. These are available to all clients who stay updated in our files.

1. Extra Pantry – This is limited by what we have available. It may be received in addition to any of the other programs. This program allows clients to choose their own items and may include frozen meats and other items. This may be picked up any day we are open during the month except for government distribution days.

2. Pantry Only – This program is available to those who do not qualify for the government provided food but who still are in need due to extenuating circumstances such as high medical costs. This is pre-packed and is given at the same time as Extra Pantry.

Anyone in need is encouraged to apply for assistance. Logan County Good Samaritan does not discriminate based on age, religion, disability, race or national origin. The office is located at 602 East Fourth St in Russellville and is open Monday through Thursday from 9 am until 2 pm.

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