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By Chris Cooper -

Photo by Chris Cooper Pictured left to right are John Holder, Director for the Logan County Ambulance Service and Stephen Haney of the service. Both are standing in front of the county’s newest ambulance.

Magistrates met Tuesday, July 25 at 9 a.m. in the historic courthouse for the bi-monthly meeting of fiscal court. The court manages the county’s financial affairs. There are six districts within the county and each has an elected representative on the court. Presiding over the meetings is Judge Executive Logan Chick. Dickie Carter serves District One, Jack Crossley serves District Two, Barry Wright serves District Three, Drexel Johnson serves District Four, Jo Orange serves District Five and Thomas Bouldin serves District Six.

Each meeting of the fiscal court begins with paying the county bills, road work requests in each district, elected official reports and department head reports. These meetings are open to the public and are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

During elected official reports, Logan County Sheriff Wallace Whittaker reported he had 18 Glock handguns to be listed as surplus. They will be sold for $250 each. Deputies will have first shot at purchasing back their guns, said the sheriff, but they cannot be used as service weapons.

“I think the majority of my deputies will take this opportunity to buy them back.” said Whittaker.

Before ending his report, the sheriff told the magistrates he needed to replace on of his department radar guns, which had failed. The unit costs approximately $2,275.

John Holder, Director of the Logan County Ambulance Service, brought the county’s new refurbished ambulance to court for magistrates to look at. The ambulance includes a Braun Type 2 and 2017 E350 chassis.

“We deeply appreciate you all for allowing us to continue the level of service the community is accustom to,” said Holder.

An out-of-service ambulance will be donated to the Burden Bearers to be utilized as a hydration and cooling unit on scene of accidents and or disasters in the county. The ambulance has been taken out of service.

“This will be perfect for us,” said Mike Humble, a Chaplin of the Burden Bearers. “We can use this to hydrate and cool first responders, firefighters and family on the scene.”

The fiscal court voted to purchased a customized transport van for the detention center. Jailer Phil Gregory says trips are made from Fulton and Pike Counties and for safety, a new mode of transportation was needed. Judge Executive Logan Chick contacted two companies sending out bid specs, but only one responded.

Magistrate Dickie Carter made a motion, which died for lack of a second, to reject the bid and try to solicit additional bids.

“I’ve bid out many things being in business. It’s not good to have only one bid. We need to hold off and get other bids,” said Carter.

The bid was opened and was for $62,000. Jailer Gregory has the funds in his budget to pay for the expense.

Mike Hughes, mayor for the City of Auburn, attended Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting handing out a letter of appreciation and a list of projects he would like to see accomplished at the Auburn Park. Hughes requested an additional $8,000 from the county to help the projects come to fruition.

“The City of Auburn very much appreciates the Logan County Fiscal Court’s continued, generous support of the Auburn City Park. The Auburn City Council feels that our park is there to serve the entire community,” said Hughes in his letter.

Hughes says the city operates the park as efficiently as possible and uses all available resources to do so. One of the resources used includes the inmate work release program, sponsored by the Logan County Detention Center.

This is a great resource for our city park, as well as our city as a whole,” said Hughes thanking jailer Phil Gregory. “We appreciate this important service to our community.”

Hughes reported some of the projects will include the purchase of playground equipment and upgrades to the restroom facilities.

At every fiscal court meeting a time is set aside for citizen participation, allowing any citizen to stand and speak about concerns they may have or questions they would like to ask the court. At Tuesday’s meeting local citizen Tracy Naylor turned in a petition asking magistrates to accept Phillip Lane onto the county road system. Phillip Lane is located off of 68-80 Hopkinsville Road and is 4.10 of a mile long. There is a water tower at the end.

According to Naylor, there are four families including her own who live on the lane, as well as two more currently building.

It would cost more money, said Naylor, to bring the lane into compliance under the county’s criteria than to repave it.

According to the county road supervisor, Paul Lyne, Phillip Lane is not wide enough to meet the county criteria and it is in need of culverts.

“Every road we have put on the county system we’ve asked the property owners to bring it up to code,” said Judge Executive Logan Chick. “I know there is one now we are dealing with in Mrs. Orange’s district.”

Lyne explained it would not be fair to others in the county who have paid to have roads they live on brought up to county standards and placed on the system. He mentioned one family in the 4th District who paid $10,000 to have their road brought into compliance.

Magistrates Barry Joe Wright and Thomas Bouldin both said they would like to see Phillip Lane put on the system.

“I don’t see what the issue is. It just needs a little TLC. I see a lot of other roads in the county in worse shape. I have been out on that road. I know everybody who lives on it,” said Bloudin.

“When you build on a private road you need to know it’s a private road,” said Lyne. “I’ll be glad to do whatever the court wants to do.”

Judge Chick thanked Mrs. Naylor for coming to the court meeting saying the body would look into her request.

“Maybe we can work something out,” said Chick.

Photo by Chris Cooper Pictured left to right are John Holder, Director for the Logan County Ambulance Service and Stephen Haney of the service. Both are standing in front of the county’s newest ambulance. by Chris Cooper Pictured left to right are John Holder, Director for the Logan County Ambulance Service and Stephen Haney of the service. Both are standing in front of the county’s newest ambulance.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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