Less is better!

By Gene Vincent - Pastor, Beechland Baptist Church

Recently my Parents, which are both 89 years of age, moved into a Retirement Community in Tennessee. In the process of moving there were several decisions that had to be made as to what they would need in their new smaller residence. Through the years there were many things that had been accumulated and their large home was full. Once the process of moving was complete the comment was made, “We really didn’t need all of that stuff!”.

There is a new trend that continues to grow in the USA of “Tiny Homes”, as people are learning that “stuff” is not as important as we may have thought.

Gideon was a Judge in the Old Testament times. Judges during Gideon’s day were different than our Judges of today. A Judge during the time of Gideon often was called of God to lead the People of God into a time of Unity, Decision Making and even into Battle if necessary. When God called Gideon the People of Israel were living in fear of a group of nomadic people called the Midianites. Through a series of events Gideon mustered up 32,000 “ragtag soldiers”, as Priscilla Shirer calls them in her book titled “Gideon”.

God knew that Gideon was facing a powerful, well equipped army. God also knew that Gideon was out numbered, but as the book of Judges tells us in chapters 6- 8, God wanted the Army of Gideon to be much smaller. Eventually God guided Gideon to reduce his Army to a small group of 300 men. Truly God was thinking that “Less is Better”.

Today we maybe facing huge difficult situations. We maybe trying to muster all of the earthly resources possible to “fight” our foe! We maybe trying to borrow more money, find a smarter Doctor, contact a shrew Attorney or gather all the people possible, to fight our case but we must never forget that God knows! God knows our situation. He is aware of the difficulties we face everyday and every moment. And while we may need a Doctor, Attorney, Friend or Bank – the real need is to stay focused on God!

Gideon needed to learn that his God was greater than any Army of any size or with any capability. The reason “Less is Better” in many cases is because we are guilty of focusing on our stuff – our resources – our people – our ability; when we really need to focus less on the things of this world and more on God! Priscilla Shirer writes, “When we feel equipped and competent, our humility tends to plummet into an abyss of pride that hinders God’s work in our lives”.

Gideon learned that “Less was Better” because it helped him focus on the One True God! “For with God all things are possible with God” according to Mark 10:27.

By Gene Vincent

Pastor, Beechland Baptist Church

Gene Vincent is the pastor at Beechland Baptist Church, 351 Beechland Road in Lewisburg.

Gene Vincent is the pastor at Beechland Baptist Church, 351 Beechland Road in Lewisburg.

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