‘And you fathers’

By David Yoder - Providence Mennonite Church

Dear Fathers,

It appears that American society has knifed us fathers, stripped us of the divinely given role. After all, when God created the first human, he was a MAN. Even here some “church” feminists try to tell us the Hebrew word for “Adam” basically means human rather than “man.”

What is so ridiculous about the whole idea is that this new insight waited until the last years of the 20th century to dawn upon us. Decade after decade, people, common and unlearned, all understood “Adam” to mean man. It is the only way the Genesis account (not story) holds together. For when God created another being to be a suitable help for the first being he created a woman. If not, what kind of creature was “IT.”

Following the sin of Eve and Adam (note the order) God defined for both their individual roles. To the woman, God gave three distinctive directives: 1) multiplied conception and increased sorrow, 2) single desire to her husband, and 3) subjugation to her husband.

But moderns have turned against these directives. Pro-choice (really pro-murder) people eliminate conception by murdering the child. They sneer at the idea of a one man, one woman for life, rather than living by barnyard ethics.

The chaff under and throw off the subjection directive as being unbearable. They argue that the concept is denigrating to the womanly spirit. Single headship has been cast aside. Replacing it is the idea of partnership and equality. Wisely, every creature under God created is single headed. Two headed creatures are rarities. They seldom mature and do not reproduce themselves.

It is time that the feminist steamroller is stalled and the divinely established relationships be restored. I, therefore, call for fathers to assume their roles. I call to the wives to encourage their husbands to lead the family. I call to children to honor and respect their fathers.

The biblically enjoined responsibility must not be ignored. Family rearing lies heavily upon fathers. “and you fathers” arise to your high calling. The children you fathered are your charge to train in the ways of the LORD.


By David Yoder

Providence Mennonite Church

David Yoder is the pastor of Providence Mennonite Church.

David Yoder is the pastor of Providence Mennonite Church.

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