July 24, 2014

My apologies for the condition of the Auburn column last week. My computer was in a “not to today” mood. After typing the column three times and it not going through, I called the Senior Center and begged the use of their computer. They agreed though I only had about twenty minutes before the center closed. It was sent without editing, so all errors were my bad.

Needless to say, computer went to Urgent Care and Dr. Dean at Auburn Computers had her up and running much better than before and in less that twenty-four hours.

As far as time goes, this week is about the same. Just returned home from an unexpected trip to the doctor. On the way home I noticed that tobacco is being cut and housed in barns. This was dark fired tobacco, so expect to smell the familiar aroma soon when driving through the country.

This weeks activities at the Senior Center were as usual, with no special events. Pot luck breakfast on Monday, followed by the walking group. Tuesday’s Stay Strong exercise session in he morning, and line dancing in the evening.

The water balloon toss followed the Thursday exercise class. Today began with the walking group followed by a movie and popcorn. Once again if you please, when you know of someone who needs prayers and/or visits because of ill health, or other news for the Auburn community, feel free to call me at 270-542-8705.

Hope all of you have a blessed day.