Raylan Joshua Levi Purtlebaugh

June 30, 2014

Raylan Joshua Levi Purtlebaugh was born at The Medical Center, in Bowling Green, Ky. on Feb. 24, 2014, at 7:54 am. One of life’s many miracles from our Lord and Saviour, brought into this world healthy, weighing in at a flat 7 lbs and 21 inches long and a head full of hair! he is the son of Adam Purtlebaugh and Ashley (Price) Purtlebaugh of Auburn.

Raylan has full love and attention from his helpers, as he is the sibling of two sisters and four brothers. He is the final addition to the Purtlebaugh family filing in the family’s seven bedroom farm house that is located on a small plot of farm land in Auburn.

Daddy’s silly sense of humor, (has already covered what your mind had already thought), he says, “We have run out of bedrooms, so no more babies.” A family debate that fills the home of laughter, is if you were to ask his other siblings, the daddy’s girls would tell you his name is “RJ,” while the momma’s boys will debate to you it’s “Raylan.” Raylan is a joy to the family where he is equally loved!

Maternal grandparents are Melvin and Sharon Price of Cave Springs in Auburn, Ky. Paternal grandparents are Tony and Rebecca “Becky” Heltsley formerly of Bowling Green, Ky., whom now resides in Harker Heights, Texas.

Both sets of great-grandparents are all watching from above with their Heavenly Father.

Maternal great-grandparents are William and Annie “Gladys” Cox formerly of Rockfield, Ky. Paternal great-grandparents are Oren and Donna Jean Kelsay formerly of Shelbyville, Ind.