Election officers to receive small increase

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

June 16, 2014

Those who spend countless hours greeting the thousands of voters in Logan County on election day will be receiving a $25 raise thanks to the clerk’s office, who felt an increase for the daily duties of an election officer was merited.

Gabby Hayes of the County Clerk’s office sat in for clerk Scotty Harper at the Tuesday, June 10 fiscal court meeting and requested two things from the magistrates. The first involving renting a space from the Logan-Todd Baptist Association for $125 a month to store the county’s voting machines, the second a rasie for election officers.

The clerk’s office currently rents a space to keep items in, however, room is running out and the voting machines really need to be closer to the clerk’s office.

Hayes told the court Tuesday that the clerk’s office would give up the other space for the newer space, which would be a little more annually, but worth the move. Magistrates voted to allow the rental, with the exception of Magistrate Jo orange who said she didn’t understand why money would be spent to rental space, when the county had plenty of space at the historic courthouse. Hayes mentioned the room would have to be secured and there is no room big enough at the courthouse to hold the machines that could be locked 24-7.

The second request involved increasing election officers pay from $125 per day to $150. Hayes said officers work from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. and longer on election day. After the voting is done, they come up to the courthouse. Election officers also have to complete training hours.

Hayes mentioned the surrounding counties of Todd, Warren and Simpson Counties all paid $150 with other counties following soon.

Magistrates agreed and voted for the increase. There are 80 election officers in Logan County. The increase amounts to $2,000 extra in the budget.