Lake Malone

June 5, 2014

Finally, the day came that the Hubby and I would be in our little fishing boat TOGETHER. That’s like putting a tiger and a mouse in a box and floating it in your bath tub.

You see the Hubby has really been down lately. Just dragging around, short temper and complaining about everything! Finally it dawned on me! He has not been fishing yet with ME this year. You see I am his lucky charm. Of course he doesn’t seem to think so. He went two other little short trips and caught just enough for us to eat for supper but there is nothing like fishing all day with ME. Of course he knows that I will not go fishing when it is cold and I can say, “It has been too cold” for me to be in a boat all day. And Mother Nature has been giving us too much RAIN!

The day started off just right. We went to Wayne’s for breakfast and of course got all the latest news on where the fish are that day. Of course I have to gossip and talk to all the ladies. Then after getting our minnows and worms, we ran home to pick up the lunch sack that I always carry. I really goofed, got the wrong kind of peanut butter crackers. As in the words of the Hubby, how in the world can you mix up peanut butter and crackers? I got cheese and crackers and they were awful. But when it was time to eat, I smiled and pretended I liked them and when the Hubby wasn’t looking, I threw them in the lake. I know the fish would like them.

The Hubby had been working on the fishing poles all week. You know like new lines and such. Well, I noticed he put my reel on a crappie type rod. Now I know some of you ladies think I am speaking another language but that means that he put my reel on a really LONG POLE not my little bitty SHORT POLE. Of course I started the day off wrong when I asked, “Why in the world did you do that?” He knew right away that there was a problem. Well, I thought you would be able to reach closer to the shore with a long pole. I knew better, he just wanted me to get that stupid long pole caught in every tree we pasted. He wanted to be the first one to catch a fish and I just knew this was what he was doing. Well, that did not work, he did a “quick change” and I was happy as a lark with my little bitty short pole. And by the way, I have the prize; I caught the first fish. A big old “Blue Gill” from our favorite spot we go to first every year. Don’t ask me where it is…..that is a secret and you know it. You just don’t give out that information. If you did, everyone would be gathered up in one spot all the time!

I must tell you Mother Nature did not take my threat. I told her I did not want any wind or rain! There is nothing worse than sitting in a boat and the wind blowing you all over the place with drops of water falling on your head. She did pretty well. But I must admit we bounced around quite a bit when she let that wind blow every now and then.

The day went really well except I kept getting my hook stuck in everything in the lake. I now hold the record of “how many times you can put a NEW HOOK on your line”! Every stick in the lake jumped on my line and of course I had to pull it and when the Hubby just kept moving the boat forward, there went another hook!

I will close this little story with some positives! The Hubby was on “CLOUD NINE”. He had a smile from ear to ear. He found and caught Crappie and I caught Blue Gill. We enjoyed our lunch out on the water even if I did forget the boiled eggs that I fixed! Yep, you know I have my certain kind of lucky food but I tried to introduce just one more item. But sorry to say it never made the trip. Maybe next time.

As my Daddy always said, “see you in the funny papers”! Till next time, LIVE AND ENJOY THE MOMENT. I certainly did yesterday. Bye now.