Claytor testifies that he had no choice

OJ Stapleton Editor

June 5, 2014

Both the prosecution and defense attorneys completed their cases this week in the murder trial of Timothy Claytor.

Claytor is charged by the with murder for shooting and killing 46-year-old Dale Holloway on Aug. 30, 2012, as he stood at his front door almost two years ago.

On Wednesday, Claytor took the stand in his own defense. He is claiming that he shot Holloway in self defense and testified that shooting Holloway was the only way to stop him when he came to his home on Aug. 30, 2012.

Claytor said he never meant to kill Holloway and broke down sobbing while telling about the shooting.

The defendant said that he opened the door to his trailer and shot Holloway after he reached inside with his hand.

“He didn’t stop,” Claytor said. “He was coming in and he wasn’t stopping. I was not going to be put in the hospital and I wasn’t going to be killed.”

Commonwealth attorney Gail Guiling asked Claytor why he didn’t just close the door and lock the deadbolt, but Claytor said that the door, which was the only way in or out of the trailer, would not have stopped Holloway.

Guiling also questioned why Claytor was so afraid of Holloway.

Claytor admitted that he had played pool with Holloway before and had been in other social situations as well - including times when Holloway had been at Claytor’s home.

The prosecution completed its case in the murder trial against Timothy Claytor on Tuesday.

On the final day of witness testimony for the prosecution, Claytor’s ex-girlfriend, Laura Ann White, who as at Claytor’s home at the time of the fatal shooting testified and said that the victim, Dale Holloway never hit or abused her. She was unclear about the events of the shooting, however, saying that she could not remember many of the details because she was drunk at the time.

Phil McKinney, who drove White to Claytor’s home on the night of the shooting, also testified and painted a picture of Holloway being a dangerous man.

“This is not an ordinary individual,” McKinney said. “This is somebody you do not what to have a tussle with.”

McKinney also said that Holloway was “a guy you do not want to run into when he is mad.”

Claytor is claiming that he shot and killed Holloway in self defense.

Several witnesses also testified about the physical evidence that was gathered at the scene, which indicated that Claytor was the one who shot Holloway.

Final arguments and jury instructions will be on Friday morning.