Cougars get big district win

Crystin Urban Sports Reporter

May 5, 2014

The Logan County Cougars got two big wins last week. The Cougars competed in a 13th district match-up against the Franklin-Simpson Wildcats on Thursday. The two teams would end up with a tie game after the third inning, but the Cougars worked hard to take back the lead in the fifth inning and win 3-2. The Cougars faced the Barren County Trojans on Friday and got a big win over 18-4. On Saturday, the Cougars would fall 6-5 to the Bowling Green Purples.

The Cougars had a strong start against the Franklin-Simpson Wildcats on Thursday. The Cougars defense would shut out the Wildcats in the top of the first. Joe Holliday would start the Cougars off with a single. Jacob Wood would reach first base and then Matt Harper would get a big hit and Holliday would score. Bruner would hit a RBI double, scoring Wood, to put the Cougars up 2-0 at the end of the first.

The Wildcats would come back in the top of the third inning and score two runs. This would tie up the game 2-2 and the two teams would have to battle hard for the victory.

In the top of the fifth, Matt Harper would hit an RBI double, scoring Wood. This would put the Cougars back on top, with a lead of 3-2. The Cougars would hold on to their lead throughout the last two innings and win 3-2.

Caleb Bruner pitched for the Cougars and helped the defense by striking out 11. Bruner allowed only one hit, two runs and walked four.

“It was a big win for us. I thought Caleb pitched great, they only managed one hit off of him and he had a lot of key strikeouts. We played great defense also,” said head coach Ethan Meguiar. “We only managed five hits ourselves, but we had some key ones. The win gives us a shot at the number one seed. It was another good game and I’m glad we came out on top.”

The Cougars went on to get another win on Friday night against Barren County. The Cougars started off strong after scoring four runs in the first inning. Matt Harper would get an RBI, the Cougars would get two runs with two walks with the bases loaded and score one run on an error.

Ian Woodall would start the Cougars off strong in the second inning with a two-run triple. Bruner and Holliday would both get RBI’s in the second inning as the Cougars brought their lead to 10-3. The Cougars would add nine more runs in the game to seal their win of 19-4.

Ian Woodall would get five RBI’s on two hits for the Cougars. Holliday finished the game with two RBI’s. Wood, Harper, Bruner, Jose Arostegui, Luke Woodall, Jackson Campbell and Tucker Baldwin would get one RBI each.

Britt pitched for the Cougars for four innings and allowed six hits, four runs, walked for and struck out three. Hunter Crafton stepped up in the fifth inning and allowed one hit, no runs and walked none.

The Cougars would have a disappointing loss on Saturday to the Bowling Green Purples. The Cougars would start out on top after Joe Holliday and Matt Harper would get big hits and score one run. The Purples would tie the game up in the second inning and then add four more runs in the fourth and fifth innings.

The Cougars would add one more run in the top of the sixth, but would still trail 2-5 at the end of the sixth inning.

Bruner would hit an RBI single for the Cougars in the top of the seventh, and then the Cougars would add two more runs on an error. The Cougars would now trail 5-6, but Jackson Campbell would ground out at first to end the game.

Joe Holliday pitched for the Cougars and allowed 10 hits, six runs, walked two and struck out three.

The Cougars will host the Todd County Central Rebels tonight on their home field. The game will start at approximately 7:00 p.m.