April 24, 2014

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter. All of our kids and grandkids came for dinner and then an Easter Egg Hunt. I am so blessed. The kids rode the golf cart and the mini bike around in the yard and our dog Punkin couldn’t keep up with them. Finally one time when they were stopped, she got on. Funny dog.

My condolences to the family of Drucilla Mayes. I did not get by the funeral home but I hope each of you know how sorry I am and how much I think of each of you. I worked at Ed Grayson’s store during my Junior and Senior year and I loved it every week when Mr. Frances and Mrs. Loretta would come in. They bought lots of groceries. But they were so easy to love and wait on. Their children are too. Prayers are with you all.

Another correction is that the 1st Adairville Strawberry Festival Derby Dinner has been changed to Friday, May 2nd. We had originally scheduled it for May 3rd so we wouldn’t conflict with the Russellville Rural Fire Department. Well, it seems they also had the same idea to change to the 3rd so as not to conflict with us. Both had good intentions. We just didn’t follow through and contact the other. So, we are going to change ours so it won’t be so hard for everyone to go to both. Just remember, ours is May 2nd and you can get tickets at city hall in Adairville.

Well, I’m sure most of South Logan and probably all of Logan County tuned in Saturday night to see “Tobacco Wars”. It’s interesting reading all the different opinions on Facebook. I watched the entire show and it was fun seeing all these people I know on tv. I think they did quite well and to me it was as entertaining as any other reality show. If the show is successful, good or bad, it will probably bring attention to Adairville. I hope it will be good and bring a much needed economic boost to our town. Maybe people will take that plunge and open some businesses in town. This would be the perfect time for antique shops, monogramming shops, flower shops, pottery shops. I have lots of ideas so if you are considering something give me a call. LEAD also offers some grant money in helping new business get started. Now is your time.

Condolences to the family of Betty Jo Garrison. She went home to be with the Lord this week. Keep this family in your prayers.

A reminder to get your property cleaned up. The dumpsters are here and ready for your cast offs. We have an ordinance against unsightly lawns and we are currently working on getting an ordinance which would impose fines for all our ordinances. This means junk around your house, having pit bulls in town, riding golf carts on state highways and other ordinance violations could end up getting you a fine. These ordinances have been on the books for some time but no clear way to enforce them. By putting fines for violation, hopefully we can get some of these violations stopped or cleaned up. Please clean your property up. If might not bother you, but it looks bad for your neighbors and our town. Take Pride in your Property and Your Town.

The Coffee Bottom Gal-take 6

Raised on a farm, Saturday was the day you went to town and got groceries for the week. I always looked forward to this because Shirley and I each got a dime to spend on whatever we wanted. Wouldn’t kids today be proud of that. We would talk about what we were going to get with our money when all the time there was no doubt what mine would be spent on. I would go to the dime store with Shirley and look at all the candy and would have loved to have it, but I already had my mind made up. We would go to the drug store next and as soon as we walked in the store Mrs. Dawson would say “Here comes the Russell girls, what kind of ice cream do you want today?” See ice cream is my all time favorite food. Was then, still is. It was usually butter pecan for me. She would dip it up and we would pay our dime and off we would go to see if mama was finished at M & G Market getting groceries. It’s kind of funny how there were 4 groceries and everyone went to different ones. My granny shopped at Amos’ Market. Anyway, on the way home, we would look forward to having hamburgers and RC Cola for supper. That was a big treat for us because during the week it was pinto beans and potatoes one day and potatoes and pinto beans the next. That really got old to me then but today is somewhat of a delicacy. After supper, we would settle in to watch the Grand Ole Opry on tv or sometimes we watched Channel 13, which had country music on. Then it was off to bed. Do you think kids today could live through this much excitement in one day?

A hui hou kāko

“May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face

And the rain fall soft upon your fields

And until we meet again

May God hold you in the palm of his hand”