Lake Malone

April 24, 2014

Well, here it is the day after Easter and we are on our way to Wayne’s Place. Yep, finally the boat is in the water; the Hubby has the battery charged; His fishing pole has been inspected and we are on our way to get bait. He has been waiting for this moment all weekend. You see Wayne ran out of bait on Friday and believe me this was not a good thing. By the way, just at the last minute, he told me he would treat me to breakfast if I would hurry because he was leaving. Man, I almost couldn’t handle that wonderful invitation.

They fix the most wonderful scrambled eggs and fried biscuits at Wayne’s. But just as I was about to put jelly on the biscuit, the Hubby says, “Hurry up the fish are waiting”! Next time I will remember to drive my own car so I can enjoy my breakfast and talk to all the wonderful people that gather there every morning.

You see I usually help him get ready to go fishing. Well, he informed me he did not need any help this year. But just as I was inside the door, I heard him screaming, “Where is my fishing pole”! I laid it right there and look somebody came by and stole it. After screaming back at him to CALM DOWN, I told him I moved it because I almost stepped on it. That was my first mistake of the season.

So once in the house I noticed he was getting out of the boat. Once again I asked what was wrong. The battery went down over night. So he was coming back to the house to get another battery. I offered to help but once again I got, when I need help I will call you. IS THAT A MAN THING OR WHAT?

On to another happy topic, Easter has come and gone! Another week has started and for some reason I am kinda DOWN! I am sure you get that way after a holiday. You have the buildup of all the excitement of planning your lunch, making sure all the relatives are coming to dinner and coloring eggs. Wonder where the tradition of coloring eggs came from? This is the “FIRST” time I did not color any eggs. As a kid I loved it when we starting getting all the eggs boiled and all the little cups out to put in the little tablets that would burst into beautiful colors. The packet always had little “stick on pictures” so we could put them right on the eggs after we were finished. I even did this after my children were grown and gone. I did it just for me. The Hubby would say, “I am too old for that now” when I would fix him an Easter basket. So this year, I didn’t fix one for him. You got that right; he wanted to know right away, where is my Easter basket? You see he looked forward to all those chocolate eggs with coconut and nuts inside. I was really nice; I did not tell him he was too old for one.

I really thought I would see a lot of boats out cruising on the lake but everyone must have been home enjoying their family and hiding Easter eggs.

You won’t believe where we went on Easter. Of course we went to church, then ate out with some friends then took a road trip to Wal-Mart in Russellville. Can you imagine? When we got to the parking lot, the Hubby said, “Where are all the people?” I reminded him it was Easter. Not too many crazy people were shopping on Easter….only us.

I also will give you a report on the big “WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM”. I have been really trying hard. But when I jumped on the scales this morning, I had only lost a few ounces. Of course the Hubby had to chime in and say, “Be thankful you didn’t gain any!” I guess he is right, I hate to admit it but it’s only been a week.

Well, this is going to be short and sweet. I will give you a “first of the season” fishing report next week. I certainly hope all this was worth it. Till next time, enjoy the moment, even if it’s trying to get a man in a boat to go fishing! Bye now!