Logan County to be ‘Sustainable Community’

OJ Stapleton Editor

April 24, 2014

Logan County has been accepted to participate in the Valley Sustainable Communities Program, which is in its second year being sponsored by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

“The purpose of this is to encourage sustainability,” said Tom Harned, the executive director of LEAD. “It is really an overarching program to promote the use of green initiatives. Things like reducing the carbon footprint in Logan County, using fewer nonrenewable resources, being more efficient in our use of energy and doing even more recycling.”

A prime example of how Logan County was able to become a part of the program is the new countywide recycling initiative.

“That’s the big one that got us into the program,” Harned said.

But the existing businesses and industries in Logan County also helped fit the profile to make Logan County a Valley Sustainable Community.

“Our manufacturing played a big role,” Harned said. “Especially the metalworking since they recycle everything. Logan Aluminum is a huge recycler of metal.”

The agricultural community in Logan County is also doing its part.

“When you look at what they are doing with soil conservation and crop rotation - that’s also a part of sustainability,” Harned said.

Sustainability has become a key issue for economic development organizations and communities as more corporations have demonstrated an increasing commitment to sustainability. More than 90 percent of corporate real estate executives who responded to a CoreNet Global survey on sustainability said that it is a consideration in their company location decisions. The typical reasons for this corporate commitment are reduced operating costs for increased profitability and greater employee satisfaction.

The goal of the program is to increase the likelihood that communities will be viewed as progressive and competitive by companies planning to invest in new or expand business locations.

Logan County Judge/Executive Logan Chick said, “Logan County has already made a significant commitment to sustainability. This new program provides us with the opportunity to document, further develop and be recognized for our sustainable initiatives, which will help differentiate us in the tough competition for new corporate investment and job creation.”