Snow day bill not dead yet

OJ Stapleton Editor

March 25, 2014

Reports of the demise of the snow day forgiveness bill in the Kentucky general assembly may have been exaggerated, according to Logan County representative Martha Jane King.

King said Tuesday that although talks broke down on Monday about a bill that would allow school districts to waive up to 10 snow days, there is still plenty of time in this year’s session to pass such a bill.

She also issued the following statement on Tuesday.

“As most of you have heard, the plan to provide school districts some relief from snow makeup days hit a brick wall on Monday. I understand your frustrations. Our students, our families, and our teachers need some relief and I believe it is important to continue negotiations. I agree with Governor Beshear who stated that this year has been an extremely bad winter, and we both agree it is wrong to leave our school districts hanging with no decision.

“I have spoken to members of the House and Senate Conference Committee this morning and urged them to continue their debate. I am pleased that they have agreed to resume negotiations.

“A tentative plan which would allow school districts to extend the length of their remaining school days as long as that day did not exceed seven hours and set the last day of school as June 11, was reached at the end of last week between the House and Senate conference committee. However, on Monday, the Senate Republican caucus broke that agreement by extending the last day of school until June 13. It is important to be prepared to work toward developing a framework for dealing with this should we have another winter like this in the future, but that can wait until the end of the session.

“Governor Beshear said he is prepared to sign the bill into law upon passage from the legislature.”