Lake Malone

March 6, 2014

As I sit here in the cozy corner of our retirement nook, all the wonderful things that have happen to the Hubby and I flood over me like a big warm blanket. Life out there is so different since I have passed from a “sweet young thing” to the “woman of the world”. I say this because I feel I have been “around the world and back again”! During these last few years of my life I have seen so many things; acts of kindness, people laughing, wonderful events happening and sharing tears of sorrow with my friends.

I had a wonderful thing happen last week. A friend who I had not seen in years and years make a supreme effort to travel to see me here at our “little home away from home”. I knew her, when she and I first moved to Texas and our children were young. You see neither of us had family or friends at the time and we bond together like sisters. Relationships are wonderful. She brought me flowers from her yard, fabulous coffee because she knows how I enjoy my coffee in the mornings and an album of her 50th wedding anniversary party. She told me I was on her “bucket list” and she was going to visit all her friends in the future. It gave me the idea that I should make a list myself.

Also yesterday I went out and “flew my kite”! The wind was really strong, as usual, but it has been a little cool here and I was afraid I would tear it up so I have been waiting for just the right time to take it out and “fly away”. I really put on a show. People watched as I started off really slow and let it flutter over my head and then I turned it lose and it climbed ever so high until the spindle that held my string was to the very end. As it was going up it flipped and flopped back and forth and it took a great deal of my strength to hold it down. I happen to think of Mary Popping and her umbrella. Wouldn’t that be funny if I went “up, up and away” floating through the air. Then all of a sudden it leveled off and just floated back and forth like a kite should. People walked by and said, “Man I haven’t done that in years”! My reply was “try it you might like it”! The Hubby finally came out and helped me get it back down. It’s harder to get it back down in one piece than letting it fly. He would pull on the string while I was wrapping it around the spindle. It’s wonderful to have someone to help you. Sometimes we act so independent and won’t let anyone help us. We have to get in that “I need some help mode” and go with it. As the Hubby says, “it takes two to tango”! Now isn’t that off the wall? You never know what is going to come out of his mouth. But most of the time it’s something I really need to hear.

Well, my sister just sent me a text message and told me to stay put because she has ice on her screen door! She sent me a picture attached and I just nearly flipped. Isn’t it wonderful that we have such technology? Pictures flying through the air. I love it! But I really wish Mother Nature would get her act together. I am so “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired” of this weather because we are going to be “on the road again” coming back to our OLD KENTUCKY HOME; Leaving all this sunshine and beautiful blue water to come to the lake. I truly hope I have the same sunshine and beautiful water there. I know that water will be there but really say a prayer for sunshine. As you can tell I love to look at water.

OOOPS, my neighbor at the lake just called and told me that it is snowing and there is about two inches on the ground. I told her to quit doing that “snow dance” and let the sun shine through. You remember back when we had so much rain, I requested all you people to quit doing that “rain dance”! Well get with it. I don’t want any snow at all when I get home.

That’s all she wrote for one more week. As always, old TG is getting her suitcase out and trying to get it together “one more time”. Bye now!