Logan County

March 6, 2014

As I type this story I have a plumber, Mr. “Goat” Posey, working to repair a leaky pipe in the ceiling of my office. Mr. Posey has become a major part of my life. He is re-plumbing this 15 room house part by part or leak by leak. Then buying a house that was built in 1830 and added on to in 1860 you have to expect problems. I think the plumbing updates were long overdue. If I can live long enough and Mr. Posey can hold up a few more years this house, Peach Blossom Hall, will be fully restored. I am sure the water department will be pleased.

It is hard to believe but it has been 50 years since Cassius Clay aka Mohamed Ali fought their famous fight. Ali’s personality was new to the world stage and over time he won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Today, 50 years after he first won the World Championship of boxing, he still remains one of the three most popular people in the world. (The other two are the Pope and Queen Elizabeth.)

Some years ago I was in Louisville trying to settle one of the largest teachers strikes in America. Ali was making a movie at the time. He contacted me and offer to give two hundred teachers temporary jobs as extras in his movie. He also sent MacDonald’s Hamburgers, fries and cokes to all the teachers who were on the picket lines. It showed to me that Ali was more than just a personality – he cared about others. I have never forgotten his generosity. I think it still goes on today!

I am sure that every columnist for the paper will mention the snow and ice we are experiencing at the present time. I am currently stuck in my own drive way at the present time. I want to thank two Southern States good Samaritans who helped me get unstuck and through the entrance gates at Peach Blossom Hall.

I made my first trip to Wal-mart a couple of days ago. Shame on them for not doing anything to get some of the ice and snow out of their parking and walking areas. Not even the sidewalks were cleared. For a couple hundred dollars a man could have scraped much of the ice and snow off the parking areas with a bull Dozier. Some of the staff could use shovels to clear the sidewalks. If people have fallen in the last few days I would think Wal-mart will be held responsible. Also the door handles on each of the end doors were missing for over a month. One has finally been fixed and the other is still missing. Who is in charge? Who makes decisions at the store in Russellville? Something is wrong because decisions and positive actions are not being done in a timely manner.

I think every school library in the county should have a copy of Through My Father’s Eyes – The Story of Logan County Kentucky . The book was written by Edward Coffman and updated by his son Edward F. Coffman, Jr. The book was published in 1962. Copies are available for $30 at the newspaper office or writing to Edward F. Coffman, Jr., 106 West Seventh Street., Russellville, Kentucky 42276. If you want to know more about our wonderful county this book can help greatly. The only problem is that the book stops in about 1960 and the past 54 years are not recorded.

I wish “Ms. Evelyn” Richardson and Judge Fuqua would do the task and update our county history. I know of no one who knows it better than those two.

Keep warm and get ready for another six weeks of cold weather. (Remember my predictions that I made for this year. So far I am batting 100 %. I wouldn’t even think about planting on that magic date of April 15. If you do you may well loose whatever you plant to late frost or even a snow.

I attended Second Baptist Church in Russellville last Sunday. It is a good church. Friendly, good pastor, good music and a warm spirit. No wonder I have heard so many good things about the church.

I had a good time on the Don Nagel Radio Show this past Monday. We talked about the early days of Television and the enjoyment we had during those days. There were many phone calls and wonderful stories by the callers. When the show was over there were many callers still holding. At the suggestion of the callers we are going to do a continuation show this coming Monday at 9:05 a.m. on WRUS Radio.

Till next week – the good Lord willing. Good night sweet ladies of the county, and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!