Logan County

February 27, 2014

Well here we go again on the weather roller coaster. This weekend the temperature gauge is going to take another big dip. By Sunday evening it may drop to 7 degrees and Monday night to 0 degrees. As my dad and grand dad use to say, “It’s going to be as cold as a witch’s tit.” I know it is colder than I want it to be. I am ready for spring and the sooner the better.

My 15 room home, Peach Blossom Hall, is racking up record heat bills. The front eight rooms are heated thanks to Atmos Gas and the back seven rooms by the Russellville Plant Board. Wow! Am I ready for spring! Next year I think I will just turn everything off and go to Florida for three months. I think it would be a lot cheaper and I would get a nice warm vacation in the winter.

In the meantime I have purchased 50 #1 rose bushes, grapes, clematis, rhubarb, blue berries, Kiwi, pawpaw, bleeding hearts, snapdragons, larkspur, astilbe, liatris, lots of hollyhocks, elephant ear, peony, phlox, lilies, callas, reblooming iris and a few other plants. All are now in pots and in my sunroom/green house awaiting transplanting outside in about six weeks. I also have some 25 packets of seeds waiting for planting in peat pots in about a month. (Volunteers are welcomed to help come spring.)

I understand Sheriff Wallace Whitaker’s sweet daughter-in-law has been making some progress. She still has a long way to go. I have been told that she has lost an eye, has some brain damage, had a number of broken bones that are still mending, has balance and walking problems and a number of other devastating issues. She has great courage and many people throughout the county are pulling for her. Watch for the upcoming fund raiser for young Mrs. Whitaker and give your support.

Two of the finest organizations in Logan County are its’ Rotary International Organizations. One is located in Auburn and another in Russellville. Both do outstanding work helping needy students, schools, people truly in need and the community at large. Both organizations are made up of outstanding community leaders, both men and women, who care about our youth and our county’s welfare.

The Russellville Rotary Club meets each Thursday at noon at the Governor’s House in downtown Russellville a block from the town square. There is a lunch, meeting and guest speaker and we are out by 1 P.M. If you would like to join us one Thursday please call me at 571-0888. There are a few membership openings and I would be happy to talk with you about joining this prestigious group.

History – Even though Logan is a smaller populated rural county in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; it is amazing how many outstanding leaders have come from here. To site a few: 1) four governors – John Breathitt, James Morehead, John Crittenden and Charles Morehead,; 2) six governors of other states – Ninian Edwards of Illinois, John McLean of Illinois, Richard Call of Florida, Fletcher Stockdale of Texas, Robert Crittenden of Arkansas and William Ewing of Illinois; 3) six have served as US Senators – George Bibb, John Crittenden and James Morehead of Kentucky and Ninian Edwards, John McLean and William Ewing of Illinois; 4) Three became members of the US President’s Cabinet – George Bibb – Secretary of the Treasury,

John Crittenden – Attorney General and Jesse Holman Jones - (moved to Texas), served both Democratic and Republican Presidents starting during WWI and almost to the end of WWII. Served as Secretary of Commerce, Banking and other posts.

5) Three Logan Contians served in foreign legations representing the US - Elijah Hise to Guatamala, Anthony Butler to Russia and Dr. Marion Bailey to Scotland.

6) Four men from the county have been Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court – George Bibb, Ephraim Ewing, Ninian Edwards and Elijah Hise.

Next week I will tell you about some other Logan Countians that have become famous in Kentucky and the rest of the nation. Till then good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.