East Logan Water not affiliated with circulating letter

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

February 24, 2014

East Logan Waster District wants its customers to beware of a letter that seems to be making its way into the hands of some concerning waterline coverage.

“On behalf of East Logan Water District, I would like to make public that this letter that so many of our customers are receiving is not at all related to East Logan Water customers,” said Jana Hanks, East Logan’s office manager. “It is mainly arriving in the hands of the elderly and those on social security, this must be a scam and we want to make our customers aware of that.”

The letter that is going around states:

Your property has appeared in a review of our records for Auburn and we have found that your exterior water line is not covered with water service line coverage from us.

The water service line buried underground on your property could fail without warning, and could leave you responsible for the cost of repair. Repair of replacement of this line can be expensive, costing you thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses, which could burden finances in these difficult econo0mic times.

Protection is available for eligible Auburn homeowners with city water or private well lines.

The coverage amount on the letter states $6,000 annual benefit/$3,000 per call (two calls a year) at the monthly rate of $4.99.

The letter urges you to take action to protect your buried water line on your property. It asks to complete and return the enclosed form, to affix your address to the label and gives a number for you top call.

The letter further states that HomeServe USA Management Corp is an independent company separate from your local utility or community and offers this optional service as an authorized representative of AMT Warranty Corp, the contract issuer. HomeServe’s corporate offices are located in Norwalk, Conn.

“If you receive a letter like this, East Logan Water does not endorse this and we suggest that you not partake in it,” said Hanks.