February 20, 2014

It is a most beautiful Saturday, however, we are promise rain. At least that in my opinion is better than snow, yet I will admit it is beautiful. How was your week?

Our sympathy to Mary, Steve and all the family in the death of Virgil Timberlake. Mr. Timberlake had been sick for some time. God can and will bless.

Last Saturday my deacon (bless his heart, he is so good to me) Ronnie Rosser called and was on his was to town. Did I need anything? Oh yeah, how about a lunch from Cap’ n D’s? He brought it and it was good, and many more thanks. Wasn’t that nice? He is a good kid. Well he is married and has a family, but those that young to me are still kids.

Sorry Lucille Whitson and Mary Smith are both in Logan Memorial Hospital. Hope they will be able to be back home by “paper” time.

Visiting awhile with parents James and Sue Fuller were Jeff Fuller with his boys Sean and Brett. Sue and James both seem to be feeling some better.

Hey, Sherry Harris, cousin in Louisville, is planning a trip to Spa the 28th, we will be glad to see her. She is a real sweetie, and we are always enjoy her visits.

Cricket is here? Little bundle of joy. Had such a good time of finally getting a name, therefore Cricket. Well she is now here. In fact she arrived on January 13th in Memphis, she is named “Finley Grace.” I like that. She weighed 6 lbs and 7 ozs, was 20 and 1/2 inched long and belongs to Julie Whitson and her hubby Brian Ellis. She has excited grandparents locally who are Beverly and George Whitson and they have already seen Finly and gotten to hold her. I like that name, I think it is pretty. Oh, and she was born on Uncle Greg’s birthday.

Valentine’s Day was an enjoyable day, even if it did rain on us as well left. This is the day that is chosen by the ladies of the Methodist church in Lewisburg to treat a large crowd of people to a special party. Oh, the food, I don’t think I ever saw as much in one place. It was food and more food, of course it was delicious. A lot of people helping in one way or another. Picking me up were Lannie and Judy Jernigan. It was the largest crowd they had. There were 55 of us. A lot of food eaten and lots of food left. Many thanks church. We appreciate the thought as well as the fellowship.

Sorry Patricia Penrod is having problems and scheduled to have hip surgery on March 4th, knowing her, she will do fine, be back home soon and into her regular activities.

Judy Jernigan was in awhile and Stanley and Elaine are in and out. I’m always glad to see people. Sue and James Fuller also were in awhile. She and I like to read, so she brought me some books, as did Lois Ann Cornelius, so thanks, okay?

Have a good week and see ya next time!