Largest draft mule and draft horse sale in the South comes home to Russellville

February 6, 2014

On Jan. 2, 2014, the Carter & Higgins Draft Mule & Horse Auction was conducted at the Russellville Livestock Market. This is certainly not their first auction of this magnitude; Linden Carter and Barry Higgins have been in the mule business for many years. In previous years, the auction had been held at a different location, and the time had come to “bring it home to Russellville, Kentucky”.

Barry Higgins, who owns the Russellville Livestock Market, elected to showcase our community with this event. Auctioneer Tim Haley states that without the commitment made by Carter & Higgins a lot of dollars would have been spent in a different location. “We are proud to conduct this auction here in Logan County,” said Haley.

Buyers came from Pennsylvania, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, with approximately 600 people were in attendance.

“We sold approximately 300 head,” said Haley. “The highest selling yearling pair sold for $3,800, and the highest selling work team sold for $8,800.”

Carter & Higgins was featured on the cover of the Dixie Long Ears Magazine with the 6 mule hitch. These mules were not aged mules but 2 and 3 year olds, and had no handlers involved. This speaks loudly to mule enthusiasts. The 6 mule hitch was driven in a recent parade.

“We are very excited to hold the largest Draft Mule & Draft Horse Auction in the South here in Logan County,” said Carter & Higgins. “We have other sales scheduled for 2014 and 2015. We would like to thank all of our buyers and sellers for their continued support, and we expect this sale to be even larger in the future.”