January 30, 2014

All I can actually say is that we sure have adverse weather conditions when the temperature is below nothing. It is cold, and a lot of time it feels was below. With the snow of course the schools had to be cancelled, and that was a wise thing to do. I kept thinking, what if a bus stalls with a bunch of kids, they would just freeze before they could be rescued. I know one thing, I have not been outside for anything. So how was your week?

I know one day I decided if ever a pot of hot vegetable soup would taste good, it was now, so I fixed me a big pot.

Some known February birthdays are; Stanley Wayne the 5th, Tara the 8th, Hester Martin the 9th, Bro. Kenny Cummins the 10th, Bev Whitson the 13th, Dr. Lynwood Montell the 18th, Travis Bryan the 19th, Ann Saunders the 20th, Cade Johnson the 24th, Andrew Cummins the 26th and Russell Johnson the 28th. Hope all have a special day.

I have been trying to teach myself to remember to dial 270 before dialing the rest of the number, as you know that 10 digit dialing is mandatory beginning February 1st. Seems more “stuff” is for us to try to remember more than ever. No wonder we get weary.

Sorry Virgil Timberlake is still in the hospital. At this time he is not doing well. Pray for him as well as the family.

Let’s hope the weather improves and not be quite as cold. At least the snow melted and maybe everything can begin to settle down for awhile.

Try to have a good week, and we will see ya!