Auburn Police answer more calls per officer

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

January 20, 2014

According to Ron Mills, Auburn’s Chief of Police, call runs for 2013 again show more per officer in Auburn than any other department in the county. Mills says it’s not because Auburn has more crime, it’s because Auburn is a small force and only has two officers on patrol.

The Auburn Police Department handled 93 calls per month, per officer in 2013. That number was down from the year before in 2012, when there was 115 calls per month, per officer.

“We don’t get more calls per department, it’s per officer,” Mills said.

The Russellville Police Department and the Logan County Sheriff’s Department will get a much bigger volume of calls, but when broken down, said Mills, Auburn gets more calls per officer. Both the Russellville and Logan County departments have numerous officers on its forces.

“We have the same activity here in Auburn as the other departments do. Some of the calls we respond to include traffic stops and reckless driving to the more serious crimes of assault and rape. We get a lot of citizen assist calls, where someone has a problem and needs to talk to an officer,” said Mills.

Officer Ed Higgins works with Mills to keep the city of Auburn safe. Both patrol within the Auburn city limits.