Logan County

January 16, 2014

Hello from my Egyptian room/office in the grand ole house on Cornelius Avenue in Russellville. I am sorry I was unable to have my open house in December. The entire house was decorated and we had six very pretty Christmas trees lit up.

Seems I ate some chicken salad that gave me an acute case of food poisoning. I had to go to a hospital emergency room and was laid up for a number of days. I am back to par now and full of energy and vigor.

Mrs. Mary Cornelius visited just prior to the holidays and shared a 1926 painting of the house. She was kind enough to leave the painting long enough for me to have a copy made. It is now proudly hanging over a couch in the library/music room.

If you are not familiar with the house it is the large 15 room brick house just across the railroad tracks from Southern States and the Adairville Feed Mill. The front eight room portion of the house was built in 1830 and the back seven rooms in 1860. Most of the walls are three bricks thick and some of the rooms have six and seven sides. The front portion of the house has the original wood shutters. The roof is slate. Most of the floors are wood and there are some ten fireplaces. There are two heating systems. Until this week there was no insulation in the ceilings. There is now. We also had a major water leak that no one seemed to be able to find. The leak was finally located two weeks ago and am I happy.

Some 40 shrubs, a dozen trees and another dozen rose bushed have been planted. Hopefully in the spring we will double or triple the number of plants. I already know I have a lifetime of work to bring the place back to its’ old glory. I hope to turn the place into a home that all the county will be proud of.

A couple of weeks ago my good friend Don Neagle of WRUS was kind enough to have me back on his radio show. At that time we reviewed the results of my 2013 predictions. The predictions came out at about 85% correct. The baby faced evil dictator of North Korea and half of my prediction on the living past presidents were wrong. I still predict those items of interest will come true.

I also made my ten predictions for 2014. One of those has already come true if indeed we had a bank robbery a few days ago. Attached below are my 2014 predictions:

1) Weather – although most signs would lead one to believe that this would be a fairly warm winter I predict just the opposite. Starting this past October I saw a very cold winter coming with record lows, snow and much bad weather. Look for big heat bills.

2) I see another tornado for this coming year in the south western part of our state. I believe that there will be at least two straight line winds or minor tornadoes to hit our county.

3) There will be a sizable bank robbery in Logan County at one of our prominent banks. No one will be hurt. Some of the money will be recovered. The robber will eventually be apprehended.

4) The Logan County School System will win several important awards in the coming year. These awards will make the citizens of the county very proud.

5) The Logan County Economic Development Council will assist in bringing several new businesses to the county. One of those will be in Russellville.

6) The Logan County Fair Board will produce a greatly improved and much more popular county fair. Attendance will be way up with many additions in the way of exhibits, entertainment and rides.

7) There will be terrorism at the Olympics in Russia this year. A number of people will be killed and this effect the overall attendance and thousands of potential spectators and tourist will stay away.

8) The Democrats will lose seats in the mid-term elections. They will most likely gain control of both houses of Congress. A number of bills that they pass will be vetoed by the President.

9) National Health Care, “Obama Care”, will eventually have over four million people to sign up. The Republicans will continue to attempt to undermine the program will little success.

10) Hilary Clinton will throw her hat in the ring for President of the United States. There will be at least two Democratic challengers to her efforts. The Republicans will have at least seven candidates for the Republican nomination for President. They will have a huge in party fight which can help the Democrats.

The Russellville Rotary Club is one of the finest organizations I know. It does an amazing amount of good. It is made up of outstanding men and women from all walks of life from Russellville and many other areas of the county. (Auburn also has a local chapter of Rotary International and I understand they also do a lot of good in their community.) The Russellville branch meets each Thursday, at the Governor’s House, from 12 noon till 1 P.M. There is a lunch and very interesting program. If you are interested in finding out more about membership please contact me at 571-0888. If you were a member in another state or town in Kentucky please contact me. We need more good members to help in our great works.

The town of Lewisburg has come alive. They have a number of good things coming up in the next few months. Check their website or call their city hall. You can also check with The Logan County Tourism Office in the old Logan County Court House.

Auburn has also come alive with activities. I think they now have a local chamber of commerce and more activities coming up. They have a good writer for this newspaper and that lady is on top of what is going on. They always have a good blue grass festival in March. Just wish it was not the same weekend as the Adairville Strawberry Festival.

The Adairville Chamber of Commerce met last night to work on plans for Easter and the 68 Annual Strawberry Festival which is the second week of March. Look for some great events there this year.

I sure do like Mr. Robert White who heads up the Electric Plant Board. He spoke last week to the Russellville Rotary. He is a very positive and sharp individual. New meters, fastest Internet in the state , good phone service and electricity. I think Mr. White is bringing service we can all be proud of.

Till next week good night friends, Romans “sweet Bertie Angel and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.