January 16, 2014

Hello friends and more friends! I miss seeing so many of you every day. I love the people in Adairville. I still manage to get there three or four days a week.

I still love to visit the Davis Hardware Store and sit in one of the rocking chairs and hear the latest news. I just like to hear all the old stories that have been told many times and hear the laughter. All ages come in and some folks make several return visits each day. They still have RC Colas and Moon Pies and a few other snacks. You can look out over the city square and the town park and see who is in town. My friend Charlie Starks still takes a long look and smiles when a pretty woman walks down the street or drives by.

One of Adairville’s finest. Nannette Starks King was lain to rest last Saturday. Nannette was one of the greatest workers this town has ever had. She loved flowers and played a major role in restoring our town square park. Her yard at home was a showcase as well. She also planted trees and bushes at the Red River Fish and Game Club. She served a term on the city council, was in numerous organizations where she worked her heart out, led the clean up Adairville Campaign and served as chair for the annual Strawberry Festival many times and helped bring archery to Adairville for the children. The Red River Fish & Game Club has voted to have a special day honoring Nannette in the spring. Her family will be consulted and plans announced in the coming weeks.

It seems that I see as many people from Adairville in the Russellville Wal-mart as I do in Adairville. I think more people from Adairville are employed at the Springfield Wal-mart than are employed by all the businesses in Adairville. It may be a sign of the times but I hope to see the day when several hundred people from Adairville are employed in Adairville.

While I am thinking about it I want to mention that I have attended services at nine local Adairville and nearby churches. I found warm, friendly, kind and generous Christian people at each of the churches. I felt welcomed at each of the churches. The ministers were all good and there were active programs going on at each church. The one thing I found lacking at some of the churches was young people. If ever there was a time when young people need to attend places of worship it is now. Some of our Adairville Churches will not be around in ten years or so if there are not young children, teenagers and young married couples attending. I hope several of the churches will seek expert help in setting up a plan of action to bring young people back to the church.

I read on Face Book that Rev. Linda Sears had just lost a 47 year old loved one. I think it may have been a son or son-in-law. If you can give her a call or send a card. I am sure she and her husband will appreciate the though.

I understand that Brother Bill Cowan of Living Word Church is improving by the day. I certainly hope so. He has been the shepherd of his flock for some 47 years or so. I have always enjoyed his services. He is a gifted teacher and a guiding light to so many.

With A Smile I was talking to a couple in my kitchen this morning and I was talking away and the couple had a blank look on their faces. I asked what was wrong and they said they did not understand what I was talking about. They had never heard of a man wearing Bermuda Shorts or a woman wearing Peddle Pushers. Every day I discover that our vocabulary is ever changing.

Till next time. Good night sweet people, Sweet Bertie Angel and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.