January 16, 2014

We have certainly had some unusual weather this week. The temp one morning was minus 2 and that is cold. Saying it felt like 12 below. We are a complaining people, we don’t like cold and we don’t like hot, but I believe I can handle the hot the best.

Glad Virgil Timberlake is home again after a stay in the local hospital. Debbie Timberlake is taking Therapy for her back, hope it helps. Those back problems are like any other, hard to deal with.

Did you hear Dick Dickerson gave hi2 2014 predictions the other day on WRUS? Did very good on his last predictions.

Our sympathy to Sandy Johnson and the family in the death of her mom Era Nell Hurt.

Sorry Lillian Johnson is in Greenview Hospital in Bowling Green. Hope she is soon able to be back home.

In the absence of the pastor this morning at church, filling in at the services were one of our young men Steve Cross, and he did a really good job. I’m proud of you Steven. He will again fill the pulpit tonight. I am proud of our younger generation, they do such good jobs.

Visiting this week have been David and Stacey Jernigan as they brought me supper one night and also on Saturday. I was most happy to see good friend Kathryn Stuart and her son Jimmie of Russellville. I sure enjoyed their visit.

Hope you have a good week and stay feeling pretty good. So hang in their and keep smiling.