Hockey anyone?

Chris Cooper Managing Editor

January 10, 2014

On a farm nestled close to the Logan-Simpson line, a group of Mennonites proved that just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Every year, when the temperature drops and most dread what that will bring, Darrell Mast looks forward to it, and when his pond will freeze over creating a spectacular skating rink just a few yards from his front door.

When the cold settles in and the heavy coats, gloves and scarves come out, so do Mast’s brethren lacing up their skates and taking to the ice for a friendly game of hockey.

Bails of straw, a warm campfire, portable lighting and plenty of warm drink lay the backdrop for this amateur NHL event, which takes place every year it gets cold enough. But with the warmer temps Logan County has been known for the past decade, cold enough sometimes puts skating on the sidelines.

“It all depends on how cold it gets for the pond to freeze,” said Mast on if the game is played from year to year.

The players don’t seem to take the game very seriously, although friendly competition is abound. For those playing the game, skating seems to be second nature to most as little falling was apparent.

In between play, friends huddled together close to the fire taking about many things, which may have include the recent shot that got by the goalie.

Good clean fun proves that something cold can turn out warm in the end with just a little imagination.