Lake Malone

December 26, 2013

Here it is the day before Christmas Eve and I am such a great planner. By this time of the year I have everything purchased, wrapped, mailed and am sitting back in my favorite chair just enjoying my Christmas lights blinking. Well, not this year. For some reason, I couldn’t get it together. I “shopped till I dropped” the day after Thanksgiving and ever since then, I have been going downhill FAST. I couldn’t seem to get my presents wrapped in time for the event that I needed to take them to. Never have I been so scattered. There were these little things that kept coming up and I just had to do them. My best friend called and wanted to go to lunch. Then another friend was fixing fried pies for the bazaar at her church. Of course I had to take time for both of these things. Then of course I had to go to the bazaar and shop again. There I saw all my old friends and when I got home the Hubby said, Woman, I thought you were going to spend the night!” He just doesn’t understand when women get together, TIME FLIES.

Then I had a project that I was making for my sister in laws and I wanted to get them finished. Of course I finally got them wrapped the night before the family party and forgot to even take them; ask me if I was upset. I had to get up early the next morning and deliver two of them and take the other one to the post office. She lives just a few counties away.

I was going to put pictures in an album for a special gift for my friend. I went to my favorite book store to look for it and there on the shelf in front of me was a book with “LET IT BE” written on the front. A very rustic looking book and I just had to look inside. It was BLANK with lined pages in it. Man, I nearly flipped. I thought this is just the right present for me. Yes, TULIP GREEN. The Hubby is always saying that to me and of course I can’t “LET IT BE” because everything that seems to be a problem in my life, I JUST HANG ON TO IT!” So I figured I must have this book. Maybe if I wrote all those things in this book then I could shut everything that’s on my mind in the book and I could LET IT BE! As I was paying for it, I said to myself, “thanks Tulip for a wonderful Christmas present”! Of course they did not have the album I was looking for. So off to another store to find the one I needed.

I was also looking for one more special present. It was a “little red wagon”! Not the great old big one. They use to make a small one for little kids and a big one for the boys. I say the boys because they used to put their knee inside the body of the wagon and push with the other foot and steer it with handle. All of you that remember that are the same age as old TG. Well, I could find the big ones but not the little one. So today I had to purchase something else. I am sure he won’t remember anything about it. Maybe I will just wait until he is big enough to push himself off and ride down the hill. All I can say is “WE USE TO HAVE MORE FUN PLAYING WHEN WE WERE YOUNG!

By the time you read this column, Christmas will be over. All the presents will be opened and wrapping paper will be everywhere. Then it’s on to the next phase in our lives. As for me, FOOTBALL! You know I had to mention that. Before long we will have the “Super Bowl” and before you know it the boats will back on the water for FISHING. I always need to have something to look forward to. I hope you do the same.

I am sure there are some of you that have had sadness in your life. Do look around you and help anyone who is in need. Sometimes it only takes a smile, a phone call or a short note to let them know you care.

I tried to keep a smile on my face during the holidays and you would be surprised at those people who returned it with a smile! Try that for the rest of the year, I guarantee you will like it

Till next time, I send each and everyone one of you lots of love and happiness. Bye now.