December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It’s almost here, 2014. Hope you all had a happy and healthful Christmas, and all were well.

Got a cherry Merry Christmas call Saturday from Sherry Harris in Louisville. All were well there ans the kids were gonna be home for the holidays.

Visiting with James and Sue Fuller last Saturday were George and Peggy Timberlake, Linda Sears of Russellville, June and Wayne Wyatt, Pete and Hazel Hadden of Gordonsville and Sue and Jerry Rogers of Hopkisville. They ate and visited and had a good time.

Sue and James were in Bowling Green to his Dr. on Monday. They did laser surgery on him again and hopefully is gonna feel better again. He has had a rough ole time.

Dessie Penrod is now at home after several days in the local hospital with pneumonia. Glad she is able to be back home.

Got a call from Gracie Sweeney of Greenville and I really appreciated her call wishing me a Merry Christmas. Others have called too, so many thanks.

According to the calendar today is the first day of winter.

Those that have been in this week have been Judy Jernigan, Sheila Barrow, Martha Williams and Marion Wells. Thanks for all the goodies. I appreciate you thinking of me. And Hester Martin all with more goodies.

Arriving Monday morning December 16thy was 7 lb. and 15 oz. was Caroline Elizabeth Hart, her parents are Jay and Tara Hart and grandparents locally are Terry and Barbara Hart and great-granny is Virgina hart. Glad she is here and all okay.

I enjoyed church services with Stanley, Elaine and Tara and Elaine’s mom Louise Carver of Rosewood, as well as a sis Kathy Briggance of Beechmon at Crossroads. A highlight of the service was seeing Tara baptised. I saw other people I knew also and met some new ones.

Here is some known January birthdays. The 13th Greg Whitson, the 18th Nancy Stuart Renfro, the 20th Stephannie Borders, the 21st Sherry Harris, the 27th John Stuart and the 22nd Garrison Rosser. The two anniversaries I know are Jan. 30th Guy Lewis and Janice Kees and the 31st Truman and Pat Johnson.

See you next year 2014. Hopefully a healthy and happy one.